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Christoph Wagner

Christoph Wagner

Experienced full-stack developer. I see code as an art form.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
German, English
"Whoever travels without a guide needs 200 years for a two-day journey." Whether you're just starting out on the journey to becoming a great coder, or whether you're somewhere in the middle and you just got stuck, don't let it hold you back longer than necessary. I have over 8 years of experience with multiple software stacks. I started on Java with Spring Framework, then switched to Ruby on Rails. These days I work mostly with Node.js and CoffeeScript. I've worked with 4-person startups, billion dollar companies and everything in between. My goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, and give you all the tools and knowledge necessary to *understand* why you had this issue, and how to prevent it going forward.
6 JavaScript
4 Ruby
4 Ruby on Rails
3 Meteor
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
JavaScript, the most misunderstood programming language on the planet. I, too, used to misunderstand it, until about two years ago. Since then I've managed to forget everything I thought I knew and re-learn it from scratch. Now I've been programming it full time for over a year and I couldn't be happier that I've made that investment. It definitely paid off.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
I wrote a social music discovery app in Meteor, CoffeeScript, Stylus and Jade. Also, a WebRTC-based multi-user videoconferencing system using Polymer, CoffeeScript, Stylus, and Jade, as well as a mobile web app using Backbone.js.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
Previously worked on a Node.js-based REST API for Disney Interactive.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
I fell in love with Ruby some time around 2008. Got a job developing Rails, and loved it for a long time until things started getting kinda messy in Ruby-land. That's when I escaped to Node.js. Until then, I maintained and developed a Rails app that was used by around 100k monthly users. I am currently a mentor for a Ruby on Rails online bootcamp.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 6 years experience
I fell in love with Ruby some time around 2008. Got a job developing Rails, and loved it for a long time until things started getting kinda messy in Ruby-land. That's when I escaped to Node.js. Until then, I maintained and developed a Rails app that was used by around 100k monthly users. I am currently a mentor for a Ruby on Rails online bootcamp.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Git is my homeboy. Since switching from Subversion back in 2011, I quickly learned everything I could about it, from the the simplest merge over cherry-pick and bisect all the way to tricky rebases. I'd say I'm fairly advanced these days.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
Technically, I first learned HTML some time back in high school. Professionally, I still have about 6 years experience building web apps using different toolkits, ExtJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ember.js, Bootstrap, and Meteor. Fair to say I'm pretty fluent with that.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 4 years experience
Did a lot of jQuery frontend work in my Rails days, before the advent of the JavaScript MVC frameworks.
No icon Polymer - 1 year experience
I built a WebRTC client last summer with a frontend entirely done in Polymer.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 2 years experience
I have designed and built a social music discovery site as a side project this year, using Meteor, CoffeeScript, Jade, and Stylus. I'm also working on a tutorial for Meteor 1.3, and I have worked with several long term mentorship clients on their Meteor apps.
meteor-yelp-clone 74   13
Cloning Fullstack React's Yelp Clone in Meteor (in progress)
CSS HTML JavaScript
SpotifyExplorer 8   1
A frontend to Spotify's Metadata API I created in order to learn Ember.js
CSS JavaScript
reveal.js 3   1
The HTML Presentation Framework
CSS JavaScript
meteor-accounts-reddit 2   1
Reddit OAuth2 login service for use with Meteor
meteor-reddit-oauth 1   6
Oauth flow for reddit
HTML JavaScript
Average Rating
(207 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Christoph was attentive and very knowledgable. Highly recommended!
Trent Childers Jun 21, 2016

What I like about Christoph is that he explains each line of code, what it does or is expected to do WITHOUT using intimidating language. As a new dev/engineer, this so important for sr level engineers to understand and Christoph gets that. I highly recommend Christoph if you want to know the WHY's and HOW's to your coding questions he is DEFINITELY the person to go to.
Patricia Jun 16, 2016

Good teacher.
Michael Jun 08, 2016

Quick and attentive - helped find a typo that would have driven me crazy!
Leon Noel Jun 07, 2016

Very helpful! Gave me some good tips on how to isolate problems.
Greg Meess Jun 02, 2016

Christoph is fantastic. Super smart guy. He helped consult me on what to use in building out a node.js application, coming from my own background in ruby on rails. I definitely recommend him as a mentor!
Robert Paul May 27, 2016

Simon May 27, 2016

Fixed my issue in less than five minutes. Awesome. Also gave me some pointers for the future. Highly recommended.
David Heimann May 20, 2016

Very help and knowledgeable !
masud hossain May 19, 2016

Christoph set me on the proper path to making async Meteor method calls appear sync.
Gary Ebersole May 06, 2016

Excellent, efficient, fast help. Thank you very much!
Rebecca Mills May 06, 2016

Good balance of code help and best-practices discussion.
Stephen May 05, 2016

amazing. he's a magician.
Austin Carpenter May 01, 2016

Christoph Wagner is an intelligent and friendly person. He was able to solve the issues with ease.
Amri Apr 25, 2016

Christoph is awesome, he really helped me think through and about problems in a clear and effective way. Definitely check him out !
Alfonso Ruiz Apr 19, 2016

Found a solution to my problem...
Gustavo Pares Apr 16, 2016

Outstanding developer, even more outstanding mentor. Really invests himself into fleshing out the finer points of whatever is causing you issues, and seeks to ensure that your foundational knowledge is strong. Bonus points for being very easy-going/easy-to-talk-to. Highly recommend!
Kendrick Apr 10, 2016

This man knows his stuff! Great mentor!
Edward Babbage Apr 06, 2016

Big help. Cristoph was able to digest a tangled problem and quickly arrive at a solid approach
patrick iwanicki Apr 05, 2016

Christoph was fantastic. He understood my requirements and ensured that this is a good fit before we started on a long term mentorship. It's clear he has a lot of experience and has gone through the whole learning process in a way that I'm confident I'll learn a tonne.
Hemal Ruparelia Apr 04, 2016

Dude knows his stuff and really easy to talk to. I am looking forward to working with and learning with Christoph
Peter Mar 31, 2016

Christoph is great to work with- so patient and extremely knowledgeable. He makes sure I understand how and why things are not working and is helpful in resolving my product issues so that I can meet deadlines. I'm very happy with my experiences with him!
Premila Anand Mar 30, 2016

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with his help.... My server and configuration was screwed up after multiple contractors had 'helped' and he took me through, line by line, to fix my configuration and Capistrano settings. In the end - it took a while, but my application is live, secure, and I actually understand what is going on in the server. I couldn't be happier!
Patrick Campbell Mar 29, 2016

Christoph quickly and easily helped me solve my rails API issue. Thank you!
elisethre@gmail.com Mar 14, 2016

Very helpful with a Meteor app!
Nate Hindman Mar 11, 2016

Christoph really helped me. Highly recommended!
Thomas Chambrier Mar 10, 2016

Very knowledgeable, thanks again!
Ryan Mar 06, 2016

Chris was a big help - great teacher, thanks Chris!
Nate Hindman Mar 05, 2016

Get working with Chris again. He is informative and helps me to understand where my problem is and how to resolve similar issues in the future. Will gladly work with him again!
Jason Mar 04, 2016

Clear headed and well intentioned all the way.
Stephen Shooster Jan 23, 2016

Chris was awesome! He worked with me to to help me understand the resolutions we were coming to, and how he arrived at them. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable!
Jason Jan 13, 2016

Very helpful, knows his stuff, was able to quickly assess what my code was doing and offer suggestions to fix.
shawn hanifin Jan 05, 2016

Really knows his stuff : ) Super quick and helpful.
Will Van Wart Dec 24, 2015

User seen my message, yet didn't reply. Thanks.
daniel Dec 20, 2015

Been programming for a very short time, he helped me solve my issue and point me in forward direction. Thank you
Al Roche Dec 11, 2015

Christoph was an amazing tutor. Was very helpful during our session. He was able to provide multiple alternatives to our issue and helped choose the correct solution for us. I definitely recommend him. Thank you Christoph!!
Widny St. Louis Dec 10, 2015

Good job. Thanks Christoph.
Daniel Dec 02, 2015

I was very happy with Christoph. He helped solve my issue as well as teach me some new things. I would recommend him.
Eric Nov 25, 2015

Tremendous at solving problems on the fly and explaining the logic.
Miriam Nov 21, 2015

Really enjoyed working with him. Super fast.
suresh atta Nov 13, 2015

Got me unstuck fast, great job!
Fareez Ahmed Nov 03, 2015

Christoph resolved the issue and explained the process along the way. Thank you!
Grace Ng Oct 29, 2015

Great mentor! Patient and very helpful. Really enjoyed working with Christoph!
Premila Anand Oct 09, 2015

He knows a lot of stuff. A LOT OF STUFF.
Akiko Turhanogullari Oct 09, 2015

Christoph is awesome! He is very good at offering perspective on an issue. He can come up with several solutions to problems super quickly and goes into detail explaining how they work and why they would be the right choice. He was able to help me identify several performance bottlenecks I was hitting in my code and set me on the right path to solving the issues quickly.
Gvir Aviv Oct 07, 2015

Didn't solve my problem tonight but we worked through some options together and I learned a ton. Good stuff.
Nathan Oct 07, 2015

Really helpful, very good teacher and explains 'why' things do and do not work. Thank you!
Michael Merrill Sep 28, 2015

I love working with Christoph, his skill is superb and the accent hypnotizing.
Stephen Shooster Sep 27, 2015

Amazing tutor. Very Knowledgeable and helps you learn, rather than doing it for you.
Joshua Harris Sep 24, 2015

He is very helpful and can explain the steps clearly.
Anna Sep 21, 2015

Helped me fix a bug from my postgres migration and get started on my multistep form
Nathan Sep 18, 2015

Christoph is simply the best.
Stephen Shooster Sep 11, 2015

Great session. helped me map out an approach for a little multi-part form I'm working on.
Nathan Sep 11, 2015

Using a combination of experience and precision Christoph gets things done. We don't go faster then I can learn yet we achieve goals that I only dreamed of for months... now I can start thinking of the next idea instead of struggling to use the technology.
Stephen Shooster Sep 04, 2015

Christoph was great help in getting my questions resolved quickly. Also, gave ways to improve towards future programs.
Marcus Sep 03, 2015

another great session! we are making great strides working together.
Stephen Shooster Aug 29, 2015

I have been stuck for weeks if not months trying to make my sandbox project shape up into something exciting while learning ruby-on-rails. In the process I have worked with many people... I can only count a very few who have the skill and speed to do this in a way that gets things done, while being full interactive along the way creating a superb learning experience. Christoph would be one of those very few.
Stephen Shooster Aug 28, 2015

This is my third session with Christoph and he is great. He is very knowledgeable in Ruby and also kind, caring in helping me out.
Young Ha Aug 26, 2015

Christoph has the confidence and experience to travel down the rabbit hole without loosing the breadcrumbs required to get home.
Stephen Shooster Aug 25, 2015

I addressed my problem (and related material) to him prior to session. He seemed to have read through the material because we lost no time addressing the issue. He gave me a bird eye view and then finer points as well. As a complete novice, I needed both. I highly recommend him.
Young Ha Aug 21, 2015

Great mentor and a life coach
Akiko Turhanogullari Aug 19, 2015

Very helpful, very productive learning
Patrick O'Malley Aug 18, 2015

He is super helpful and he knows his stuff! I highly recommend him for anyone.
Akiko Turhanogullari Aug 13, 2015

Christoph is very knowledable about Javascript. Very helpful, recommended.
Jean-Philippe Sirois Aug 05, 2015

Excellent assistance given
Mark Passlow Aug 03, 2015

Thanks Chris for the help!!! Your tip was helpful...
goirik Jul 31, 2015

Great job. Nailed it. Knows his stuff!
William Flanagan Jul 24, 2015

Quick to help, patient with me, and solved the problem in one session. Will ping again!
James Arthur Jul 15, 2015

Showed me just the chrome dev tool gems that I needed
Anjir Hossain Jul 15, 2015

Coming back for all my web needs!
Conor Jul 13, 2015

clear and good insights
George Kolistasi Jun 20, 2015

Christoph explained things really well and was helpful in answering my questions. Definitely gonna try and have more code reviewed by him!
Joe Cuanan Jun 16, 2015

Christoph is super helpful and patient, and explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone just starting out in the world of web development.
Luke Maser Jun 10, 2015

Chris was awesome. He was super friendly, patient and knowledgeable. He helped me get through exactly what I needed to and made sure I understood everything along the way.
John Ellison May 09, 2015

Christoph did a great job. He understood my problem really quick and got started on it with me. I got to understand Javascript techniques I was struggling with for a while. Thanks!
Tim May 08, 2015

Christoph was amazing! I was having issues with jQuery and reviewed the same code with three other Codementors, all which really didn't help me solve the issue. Christoph made it work in a snap! I have a full understanding of what he did too, he is great at explaining the changes he makes as me goes along. Overall a great experience :)
Meghan May 08, 2015

Great mentor! Works with you to not only solve the problem but make sure you understand it!
Kishan Bhoopalam May 07, 2015

Chris is great. Highly recommend!
Ed Huang Apr 30, 2015

Very patient, took the time to get a grasp of what I was trying to accomplish. Very helpful in sharing recommendations. Great communication.
David Apr 25, 2015

Christopher just saved my night! I can recommend to take advantage of Christoph knowledge and patience. It was quick and easy.
Filip Ambrož Apr 21, 2015

Was great! We fixed the issue. Chris is awesome and patient. He explains things really well.
Ed Huang Apr 19, 2015

Good session. Chris was very helpful. Will be following up soon.
Ed Huang Apr 19, 2015

Great session. We solved a bunch of simple problems in HTML / views, as well as some more complex problems with Regex and Ruby, and it was easy to follow along and understand. It was great that I got to do the coding (I've had other situations where the mentor just drives) but being able to do the coding yourself allows me to learn faster.
Mike O'Sullivan Apr 15, 2015

Christoph explains everything very detailed and understandable for beginners. I made 2h of code review with him and I have some new things I will improve in my coding. We will definitely hear each other again.
360Disrupt Apr 13, 2015

He did a great job
Nick Apr 13, 2015

Excellent mentor. Reasons his way verbally through things. Will definitely want to work with again.
Tony DiNitto Apr 13, 2015

Great job, simple/precise explanations in logical steps
Arjun Feb 18, 2015