Top Pair programming Developers of June 2017

C#, TDD, and and Clean Coding Expert with 18 Years Experience

I am an experienced, committed software engineer who continually seeks clean, elegant solutions to business challenges. My lifelong passion for technology drives me to proactively expand my horizons, constantly exploring and evaluating new languages, platforms, frameworks, tools, and best practices and applying them in my work to produce truly awesome results. I also believe that a fundamental prerequisite of highly successful teams is the open, honest interchange of ideas, feedback, and experience, culminating in an environment of personal and professional growth for all involved. It is in this spirit that I offer to share my experience with others as a CodeMentor.

Software Crafter - React, Node, Test Driven Development

Hello! I'm here to mentor you! Code is not always easy. Lets pair and learn! About me: I have 16 years experience coding web applications. The last 4 years has been coding Node and last 2 React.js all done via TDD. I've dedicated that last 6 years to focus on Test Driven Development, one of the most powerful techniques to code software we'll ever see. I've been fortunate to be able to pair with and therefore trained by some of the best (e.g. 8th Light -, as well as worked hard on TDD night and day to get to where I am today. I want to help you get there too. I currently run built in React.js. It's a site devoted to finding and listing teams or whole companies of teams practicing disciplined Test Driven Development. I also run, a site that's been around for over 12 years, possibly the first site to provide code screen casts. I enjoy mentoring and sharing my knowledge with others and would love to help you learn JS, React, Node and TDD! Are you new to unit testing? Are you a seasoned unit tester who still needs help? Are you itching or curious to learn ATDD/TDD (Test Driven Development)? Do you want to know how to take a story and use that as a basis to test drive your application (AKA BDD - Behavior Driven Development)? Need help learning how to test drive React and JS? Need help with building a backend REST Web API built in a test driven fashion? I'm ready to mentor you! In the past 4-5 years I've been heavily involved TDD'ing JavaScript (React, Node, C# etc.). While I do TDD, I don't mind helping you add tests after as well to get your feet wet in terms of just general unit tests. So don't be afraid to ask me for any type of unit testing help. Right now I'm just doing 1:1 training/pairing via opposed to training larger groups of people at once. Here is some example tests, the kind of tests you'll learn how to write with me: A few other places you can find me: Schedule a time wth me today!

Polyglot Software Developer proficient in Ruby on Rails and experienced with Clojure

I have more than 4 years of experience in developing web applications using Ruby on Rails, Clojure and web technologies. I have worked on variety of projects from instant payment platforms to remote interaction with lighting hardware. I also have worked as technical leader with distributed teams using agile practices like Scrum and helped with hiring process, interviews, performance reviews, OSS, and technical leadership on projects beyond mentoring new developers. I believe in polyglot programming and I enjoy learning new technologies since there's a right tool for every job.

I analyse issues and solve them

I am technologically adept with an extensive background in software development and a passion for cutting edge tech in general. I am very passionate about bringing ideas to life and realizing their potential value. I can help you out empower your skills thank to my knowledge and experiences in critical thinking, designing and listening. Issue solver | Product quality | skill enhancer

Full-Stack Software Engineer and Dev Lead

A full-stack software engineer and team lead with startup and executive experience. Possesses industry-recognized expertise in web technologies, coupled with a proven ability in building talented teams, scalable web applications, and profitable ventures. Primary languages / frameworks: Ruby / Rails, JavaScript / jQuery, and SQL. Currently accepting select freelance work.

Software craftsman / Senior consultant at Valtech UK

Passionate about software development, I consider myself a software craftsman. As with any crafts, you need to continuously train and master your craft. I am driven by an intense desire to leave my mark on the world by building great products. Here are some of my achievements: • Founded the software company Exenne Technologies and launched the product eDevize on the market • Completed five software projects • Published an open source software, Genome ARTIST • Graduated the Computer Science University in Bucharest My practices are: • Outside-in Test Driven Development • Behaviour Driven Development • Scrum or Kanban depending on the project • Pair programming Another way that helps me and others grow is by sharing knowledge. Mentoring is the best way to nurture good software practices. I first got my taste of the power of sharing knowledge when I was a teaching assistant at the university.

Clean and lean Ruby/Javascript 7+ years experience

I am working with Ruby since many years and have become very proficient in building lean and clean applications that are maintainable and scalable, both in terms of performance but more importantly in terms of features. CV: Talks I have given: Stateful Application Server in JRuby Practical Functional Programming in Ruby Wrapping Apache HTTPClient Cuba Framework Fish a shell for the 90s Bitcoin Why and How PStore not dead Thread gem MySQL Trickery Object Constancy In Visualisations

Experienced Ruby/Rails Developer

I have been developing software professional for the last 10+ years. I am an agile practitioner. I have have working on Rails since Rails 2.3 came out. During the last 4 years I have worked extensively on Ruby on Rails projects of varying complexity. Ruby on Rails becomes my primary development tool. I have strong experiences on backend application and RESTful API.

Clean code developer

Developer strongly focused on writing clean and testeable code that's easy to refactor and mantain. I've been a programming instructor and I'm currently teaching web technologies at UNITEC (technological unversity in Honduras)

Senior Software Developer

I'm a seasoned technologist with background experience in diferent activities and industries. Specialties: software development, mobile solutions, software architecture, commercial presentations, training, system administration, networking, oil & gas production management

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