Jikku Jose, Padrino freelance developerView Profile
Jikku Jose5.0
Freelance Padrino developer in Thiruvananthapuram, India

Passionate about Ruby and love to explain concepts with examples.

A continuously learning Rubyist. Passionate about minimal design and brilliant user experience. Can be often seen juggling roles of designer, coder and product architect. Would like to think of myself as a curious thinker.
Santiago Traversa, Padrino freelancer and developerView Profile
Santiago Traversa
Freelance Padrino developer in Ramos Mejia, Argentina


Strong believer of Open Source Clean Code development, focusing in quality and reusability. Lover of Agile principles and practices. Passionate of technology innovations, always trying to be up-to-date in the IT world. LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/santiagotraversa Github profile: https://github.com/san983 I have experience on: Software Development Methodologies: Agile: Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) & Test Driven Development (TDD) & BDD Software Architecture: Web, Mobile, SOA, Client-Server - Programming Languages and Frameworks: .Net C#, AspNet MVC, WCF, Spring.Net, NHibernate Mono, MonoTouch, Silverlight,, xUnit, Ruby: Ruby on Rails / Sinatra FrontEnd frameworks: AngularJS, EmberJS Node.js WebRTC Infrastructure & software deployment: - Setting up Windows servers App, Web...
Filipe Rocha, Padrino freelance coderView Profile
Filipe Rocha
Freelance Padrino developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Full-stack Software Engineer, OpenSource Consultant, SysAdmin and IT Teacher

PURPOSE: Grow as a member of a team which encourages cooperation, proactivity and challenge. Specialties: Ruby, Rails, Padrino and Sinatra, NoSQL,FreeBSD Father, Software Engineer, Runner | Carpe Viam
Darío Javier Cravero, Padrino programmer and consultantView Profile
Darío Javier Cravero5.0
Freelance Padrino developer in Dublin, Ireland

Maker. React, Redux. Frontend or backend. You name it. I make it.

I make things. I've been CTO of a couple of startups for the last few years leading every technological decisions we faced. I'm currently focused on actively pushing the web forward by creating a new way of building the web which we call Panels. It's all open sourced at https://github.com/UXtemple/panels. All in all, I see technology as a means to an end: to communicate; so going forward I want to keep on doing exactly that. I want to lead the way we make the web happen.
Nick Sardo, Padrino freelance developerView Profile
Nick Sardo
Freelance Padrino developer in Vancouver, United States

Senior Developer

I'm a lover of technology, and fervent experimenter with new technologies (languages, frameworks, platforms, etc.). I've worked on everything from systems to handheld devices, to the Internet (back-end to front-end). Current Interests: ------------------------ ● Rust ● Meteor ● SPA's ●Ember.js ● Node.js Current Focus: ---------------- ►C/C++ ►Clojure ►JavaScript ►Meteor.js ►Node.js ►Go | Golang ►Ruby ►Rust ►PHP ► Python ►Erlang | Elixir ►QT Other Languages I Speak (or have spoken and could speak again): ------------------------------ ● AS3 ● Lisp ● Java ● Lua ● Perl ● Ruby ● Swift ● x86_64 Assembly Language Frameworks & Tools: ------------------------------ ● Qt (C++) ● Air, Flex (Actionscript 3) ● Unity3d (C#, Javascript) ● CoronaSDK (Lua) ...
Jonathan Johnson, Padrino dev and freelancerView Profile
Jonathan Johnson
Freelance Padrino developer in Concord, United States

Co-founder & Director of Technology at Core-apps

Desktop and Web Application Developer with real world experience and knowledge. Enjoys solving tough problems, navigating through uncharted territory, and learning along the way.
Jack Hoge, freelance Padrino programmerView Profile
Jack Hoge

Founder at Hua

Web designer and developer with broad exposure and experience across web stack, including mobile application development. Experience includes work on blogs, web applications, e-commerce, and social media.

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