Anton Babenko, top Packer developerView Profile
Anton Babenko5.0
Freelance Packer developer in Oslo, Norway

AWS / Architecture / Terraform / DevOps ++

I have been using Packer in CI/CD pipeline with various builders (incl. amazon-chroot) and provisioners.
Zane Williamson, Packer software engineerView Profile
Zane Williamson
Freelance Packer developer in San Francisco, United States

System automation and tooling expert with focus on Continuous Deployment

I have a few years worth of experience using Packer to build different types of system images, from Docker images to AWS AMIs. Leveraging file, shell, Puppet and Chef provisioner steps to achieve ideal image. I have used Packer in continuous deployment environments to aid code releases.
Abhishek Gupta, senior Packer developerView Profile
Abhishek Gupta5.0
Freelance Packer developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

I believe in Quality, User experience & performance!

I've been working for prestigious companies as a developer for 4+ years. Worked in domain of database, algorithms & data structure.
Michael Gray, Packer freelance coderView Profile
Michael Gray
Freelance Packer developer in Croydon, United Kingdom
Experience DevOps Engineer and Technology Director with a passion for containerization technologies. With a strong background in software engineering my capabilities range from DevOps to pure Development as well as the management of small to medium sized technology teams in a variety of technology markets. Currently most used technologies and skills: - Docker - AWS RDS - AWS ECS - AWS Kinesis - AWS Elasticache - PHP / Laravel 5+ / Symfony 2 - node.js - Linux Administration (Ubuntu 14.*) - Atlassian Suite (Stash, Bamboo, Jira, Confluence)
Chris Dillon, Packer freelance coderView Profile
Chris Dillon
Freelance Packer developer in Portland, United States
Dmitry Tsoy, Packer freelance programmerView Profile
Dmitry Tsoy5.0
Freelance Packer developer in Moscow, Russia

DevOps Advocate

Kevin Burge, Packer freelance programmerView Profile
Kevin Burge5.0
Freelance Packer developer in Garland, United States

Software Engineer

C++ veteran cross-platform server developer with broad experience in automation, virtualization, various languages and platforms, performance analysis, etc. -- all the tools to get the job done. I've been programming since I was in the 7th grade, and 20 years professionally. I am self-taught, so I have a knack for staying up with current technology and quickly adapting. I understand architecture at a low level, and am passionate about well-designed, robust software. My automation background comes from being the primary developer on a very large server application with little resources to support it, so, every task that could be automated, had to be. Ruby has been my automation language of choice, though I anticipate Go replacing it where performance is concerned. I like solving probl...
Nico Esteves, Packer freelance coderView Profile
Nico Esteves
Freelance Packer developer in Poplar, United Kingdom

Freelance CTO

I enjoy meeting people working in startups and help them with their challenges. I'm interested in helping people with getting to market, choosing a tech stack, finding talent and building a strong culture. I am a big fan or rapid iterations to build the right product and using data and customer feedback to stay focused on your key use cases.
Justin Campbell, Packer software engineerView Profile
Justin Campbell
Freelance Packer developer in West Chester, United States
Nathan Wong, Packer freelance programmerView Profile
Nathan Wong
Freelance Packer developer in Ashburn, United States

Startup CTO who loves programming and teaching

I've spent the past decade running technology startups, building development teams, and shipping products. One of my favorite parts about this experience was the opportunity to mentor and support other developers on the team, and watch them grow as individuals and developers over the years. Programming can feel like magic at times, but there's nothing fundamentally magical about it - I want to help people understand programming at a deeper level. I mentor and teach part-time at a developer bootcamp in order to share as much knowledge as I can locally.
Nika Jones, Packer freelance developerView Profile
Nika Jones
Freelance Packer developer in Alameda, United States

A 15-year web/infrastructure professional who loves keeping up with the latest best practices.

A 15-year web/infrastructure professional who loves keeping up with the latest best practices.

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