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Pablo Lalloni

Pablo Lalloni

Versatile and experienced full-stack software developer. Lots of technologies.

Buenos Aires (-03:00)
Spanish, English
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 20 years experience
All kinds of web applications ranging from web1.0 "dynamic" sites to present day highly interactive SPAs.
Java expert help Java - 17 years experience
All kinds of services, webapps, batch processes, etc. running in production for many years; handling medium to high complexity business processes and lots of complex data.
Go expert help Go - 3 years experience
Several high-performance (medium to high complexity) long-running services (webapps and not) running in production for a couple of years.
Scala expert help Scala - 6 years experience
Several webapps, integration services and batch processes running in production for several years spanning all range of data volume and business/technical complexity.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Have been successfuly using git for all kind of projects using different workflows.
No icon Maven - 12 years experience
Have been using Maven for most JVM based projects for a long time.
No icon Neo4j - 4 years experience
I've designed and implemented a big graph system, from the massive data extraction and importing to graph visualization in web using d3.js.
No icon Elasticsearch - 2 years experience
Built and deployed some systems which rely heavily on Elasticsearch.
No icon Docker - 2 years experience
Packaged and deployed several apps in Docker containers.
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Awesome mentor!
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He will remain my code mentor
Kevin May 11, 2016

He's so cute and very helpful.
Afnan May 08, 2016