How I learned VueJS

Published Apr 17, 2018
How I learned VueJS

About me

I have been a Java developer for over 10 years. Oh sorry, am Ozozahuwa by name. I have been writing java and javascript from infantry, i guess thats why i found it difficult moving to javascript frameworks

Why I wanted to learn VueJS

Vanilla javascript is good and sweet i must say. But truth be told as much you have ultimate power to do what you want to do, it takes an ample amount of doing it. And this is where Frameworks comes in handle scaffolding alot of setup process while you focus on your logic. This is why i took the hard decision to learn a framework

After scouting through the Javascript Universe of available Frameworks and looking deep down through their internals i came to terms with VueJS as a framework of choice. Owing to the simple reason that it brings together the goods of the two biggest frameworks AngularJS an ReactJS while improving on their weaknesses.

How I approached learning VueJS

I already have a strong command of Javascript, starting VueJS was easy. Frankly speaking, Books are nice and i read alot, when it comes to learning a technology i prefer to learn by doing, especially with the aid Videos.

Thats how i took VueJS down, by using Project based Video Courses online. it was fun all the way as VueJS is a fun filled Framework for Web Development.

Challenges I faced

You are definitely bound to face some challenges when learning something newly. VueJS wasn't an exception. Despite my In-depth knowledge of Javascript, I find difficult understanding State Management at first but after a series of hands on exercises i came to terms with it.

Key takeaways

VueJS is a component based Frontend framework. you can use single file components, this tastes like fresh candy from the Milk Fatcory. It enables me divide my app into several independent component which comes together to give birth to a more than efficient, scallable and highly maintainable application

Tips and advice

VueJS is simple to Learn and Simple to use. sometimes i call it "Baby Friendly Framework". The only requirement is to know the basics of web design. If you are familiar with Html, css and Javascript then take a weekend vacation with VueJS.

Final thoughts and next steps

VueJS is a pleasant framework. very easy to learn easy to deploy a project with when you have time constraint. With VueJS down, onto Virtual Reality alongside AI.

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