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Ryan Darge, Owasp freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Owasp developer in Branford, United States
Rakesh Kumar Goyal, Owasp software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Owasp developer in Bengaluru, India

Full Stack Architecture

Over 12 years of experience in product architecture, design and coding in India's most successful product startups. Joined the company of 5 and helped Eka to grow to 300 people organisation. Has experience in large scale product solution, architect, design and development with proven track record of delivering high class products. Got expertise in end to end product development . I am in a good position to advice/architect end to end architecture whether it is related to Cloud/on premise deployments (AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure or any on premise deployment), Security (Firewalls, OWSAP Top 10 application security, Network Security, Log monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring, Intrusions etc, Data encryption at rest/In Motion/ In database), scale (Application Horizontal/Vertical Scaling, Data...
Nicolas Genen, top Owasp developerHire Now
Freelance Owasp developer in Flores, Argentina

Full Stack Developer, Security Engineer & Sysadmin

I consider myself a self-motivated person, who happens to like computers and solutions. This drove me to know how to develop software and getting things done, later in my professional road doing systems had to involve into system administration to setup servers to be able to work with my software and not so far from it, I was driven into the security field due my love for low level programming, reverse engineering and hacking.
Abdelrhman Shawky, Owasp freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Owasp developer in Wiesbaden, Germany

.Net Software Engineer

A software engineer who has a huge passion in Microsoft Technologies and Computer Security. On my daily job duties I'm working/have advanced experience in: #.Net #CSharp #SQLServer #NUnit #Unity #ORMs #ASP.Net #WebAPI #SaaS #MicroServices #FunctionalProgramming #TDD #BDD #BotFramework #IoT #SecureCoding During my free time I'm helping/consulting developers to write secure-code and helping them to define Secure- Coding guidelines. Also, I'm contributing on open-source projects, participating in Tech Podcasts, writing blogs and making videos on weekly-basis about Tech. I always like to test my code and have always believed a piece of code without a well-written Test is bad code. Finding the easiest, fastest and better solution is what I do best. I always look for the less-complicated ways to...
Thomas Moran, Owasp freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Owasp developer in Ashburn, United States

Full Stack Engineer

Physics & Computer Science. Full Stack Engineering. Architecture. Ethereum, Solidity, Enthusiastic about all things Decentralized and Artificially Intelligent. Full Stack development and deployment for highly secure, production-class, enterprise applications utilizing AngularJS and J2EE running in the Weblogic, Apache, Tomcat and NodeJS containers. Very strong distributed systems and architecture knowledge (DevOps). Senior Unix Systems Administration. Emphasis on efficiency in design. Keen interest in Cryptographic Algorithms, Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Decentralization, Machine Learning. Specialties: Java, Angular, NodeJS, Apache, Git, Python, Agile, Blockchain, Ethereum, Web Services, Firebase, Linux, AWS, Google Cloud

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