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I like solving problems. More so if code and great teams are involved. Mathematics and Economics double major with a passion for Computer Science. Co-founder at Datata (www.datata.mx), a laboratory focused on building amazing data products. Research assistant at ITAM.
6 Python
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
I mostly use Python for web development and scientific computing. I like to develop data analysis modules that make us of REST APIs and execute machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis. I have knowledge in Object Oriented Design Patterns and Architecture, and and I'm currently working on my Functional and Reactive Programming skills.
Django expert help Django - 3 years experience
At Datata (a data laboratory) we use Django for our back end. It is used to handle heavy numerical computations and provide dynamic seamless experience for users. Django communicates to the front end framework using REST APIs and asynchronous programming. We currently deploy on Google Cloud.
No icon R - 4 years experience
I can use R in combination with REST APIs to provide real time analysis on data. I've also developed algorithms for geographic data visualization coming from Twitter and enterprise sources. I use R as the main language for Economics and Statistics research at ITAM.
No icon Angular2 - 1 year experience
I've used Angular 2 to create basic dashboards for project management, and I'm using it to build two data-centered startups' platforms to provide seamless experiences across a variety of platforms.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I use JavaScript to automate data visualization on dashboards. I've worked with Angular2, jQuery, Google Analytics, Clicky, and Google Charts, among other tools. I mostly use it for front end development.
No icon Data Science - 2 years experience
1st place for the 2014 National Data Science Contest in Mexico. It was organized by Mexico's Presidential Office. I was part of a team of two people and focused on creating a prototype for an emergency system that used Twitter's data to detect ongoing events and provided ways to coordinate authorities if needed.
No icon Machine learning - 2 years experience
I have a BSc in Mathematics with a focus on Operations Research, Statistics, and Machine Learning. My undergraduate thesis is on parallel, concurrent, and distributed optimization algorithms for Machine Learning.
No icon Google cloud platform - 2 years experience
At Datata (a data laboratory), we have created complex data applications that require different components from the Google Cloud Platform. We have used Google App Engine in combination with Google Container Engine to allow for C extensions while using Python, and Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Storage for data persistence.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 4 years experience
I'm a big fan of making beautiful dynamic responsive websites. This means that I care about websites being usable both on desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices. I've also developed analytics websites that use HTML and CSS templating and have integrations with Google Charts, for example. You can find an example at www.datata.mx
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I use Git everyday for all my projects. I use it with Bitbucket and GitHub. I can handle large code bases with it and know how to setup various kinds of hooks. In one of our projects we are using Git hooks in a Continuous Integration setup that provides constant testing of our code.
No icon Tex - 4 years experience
I use Latex to write scientific documents for mathematically related areas such as Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, and Machine Learning. I can create visually appealing documents with good resource management (images, tables, etc) in a well organized manner, and I can create scientific-looking presentations.
twitter_geo_search 1   1
Twitter search for specified keywords within a geographic zone using R
dynamic_macroeconomics_class 0   2
Dynamic macroeconomics class, ITAM 2015
TeX Matlab
applied_analysis_class 0   1
Applied analysis class, ITAM 2015
dotfiles 0   1
Configuration files for Bash, Git, iTerm, and related tools.
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Emacs configuration files
C HTML Groff Emacs Lisp
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Excellent! Very knowledgeable. Good suggestions.
Vaibhav Bhutoria Dec 14, 2016

I had a 4 model CRUD project in Django and wanted it rewritten in Angular2 + Django. - The code is clear and concise - Commits are broken into easy understand segments - He is a good communicator - He took liberties with the design of the comment system that I really enjoyed. Overall great experience! Will hire again in the future.
Aymon Fournier Nov 19, 2016

He is brilliant in terms of solving problems.
Jane Oct 09, 2016

Glad that he is able to provide solution to the problem instantly.
Jane Oct 09, 2016

Great! Thank you!
Laura Coombs Sep 25, 2016

Good teacher. Kind
Aymon Fournier Sep 22, 2016

Omar did a greqt job of writing functions for my problem.He clarified all the points and made sure that I understood every single step of his coding.
Tuna Alize Sep 21, 2016

Always clear and concise. True professional.
John A Dole IV Sep 09, 2016

Omar was very fast and very thorough. He answered all my questions. Excellent.
John A Dole IV Sep 04, 2016

Omar was well versed in the subjects and explained things well.
akira wong Aug 31, 2016

Omar is great and very thorough with explanations. Responds well to questions and can rephrase or illustrate with diagrams to make sure concept is understood.
Ray Ali Aug 27, 2016

He was very good explaining how to resolve my problem. I recommend him 100%!
Jay Ladron Aug 19, 2016

Expert level advice, very helpful. Thank you again.
samsung Aug 16, 2016

Omar did an excellent job of both writing a functional, readable code for my problem and patiently explaining his thought process line by line. I am new to programming, and his guidance has helped me tremendously in being able to grasp fundamental concepts that were previously unclear.
DJ Aug 14, 2016

Omar was very thorough and went through several examples of the code in detail to show me how to find what I am looking for in a function so that I could apply the same logic on my own. He is a great teacher and very knowledgable.
Claudia Aug 03, 2016

Makes sure you know what's going on and will explain if you dont understand.
Julian Galvan Jul 13, 2016

Great, helped worked on latex and resolved the problems
Mark Carbeau Jul 08, 2016