The Role Of UX In Developing A Creative App Design

Published Oct 09, 2017
The Role Of UX In Developing A Creative App Design

When it comes to developing a creative design, there are many factors that are responsible. Among these factors are User Interface and User Experience which play a big role in the successful launch of a mobile application. No doubt, a product with a great UI/UX design is sure to be successful. In case you do not know what the terms really mean and how they can affect app development, then do well to read on.

About the Acronyms

UX and UI design are two professions that have been around for quite a long time. In the tech industry, they are regarded as two different elements that work closely together to achieve a crucial effect on a given product. While UX Design stands for User Experience Design, the term UI Design simply refers to User Interface Design.

Despite sharing similar professional characteristics, they tend to play different roles themselves. As a matter of fact, they refer to very different parts of the process and the design discipline. UX Design is majorly concerned with the analytical and technical aspect of a app development while UI Design is more closely related to graphic design with a more complex responsibility.

In the tech world, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) happen to be some of the most misused and confused terms. Though they seem to play different roles, both are essential to the successful development of any product. A great app experience begins with UX before being followed by UI. While some individuals have a broader coverage of skills than others, the good thing about them is that there seems to be a necessary overlap between the skills-set roles they play.

Regardless of whether you choose UX or UI design, understanding how the other works and more importantly how to work with them is very crucial.

User Experience Design

Is UX really essential for designers to know? Well, the answer to this question is yes. Every app designer needs to know and understand UX. Though there are many app developers in India who are neither UX nor UI designers, however, if they must develop creative designs, then they need to have a little understanding of the basic elements of UX. This is mainly because users’ experience on a product or service revolves around their designs.

When it comes to rendering a design services, User Experience Design (UXD) can be referred to as the process of enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving the pleasure, ease of use, and usability provided in the interaction between the app and the customer. Basically, it can be seen as a human-first way of developing creative designs. It is the process of development and improvement of quality interaction between all facets of a user and a design service provider.

UX is a conglomeration of tasks that are mainly aimed at optimizing a app for effective and enjoyable use. Despite being a non-digital practice, as it is in theory, User Experience Design is still predominantly being used and defined by digital industries. This is majorly because it is responsible for being hands on with the process of prototyping, content, development, testing, and research which are aimed at testing for quality results.

In a bid to fully understand the user needs and produce creative designs, solutions, and concepts that visitors would want to use, a design service provider would basically try to combine their research and design skills together so as to be able to produce meaningful results. This often requires a focus on human understanding, psychology, and behaviors of individuals. Arguably, it’s aimed at knowing why people do what they do on the app.

Most UX designers are knowledgeable about the essential features of a app but lack the requisite skills to build it. They can outrightly explain what a app should do and why it should do it, but when it comes to building something that works, they relatively have no idea. As a matter of fact, the UX role is multi-faceted, challenging, and even complex. Sometimes, it’s hard to categorically state what UXers actually do on the app.

Though the responsibilities of a UX designer are targeted at developing digital products, it is important to understand that the theory and process can be applied to virtually any aspect of app development including

Strategy and Content

  • Content development

  • Product structure or strategy

  • Customer analysis

  • Competitor analysis

Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Development planning

  • Iteration or testing

  • Prototyping

  • Wireframing

Execution and Analytics

  • Analysis and iteration

  • Tracking goals and integration

  • Coordination with developers

  • Coordination with UI designers

So from all indications, a UX designer cannot only work as a designer but also as a project manager or marketer. Ultimately, the main aim of user experience design in a development work is to connect business goals to the needs of the user through a process of testing refinement from which both sides can benefit.

The Importance of UX in design

If you are looking to create a great application suitable for all your business needs, then you need to create an aesthetically pleasing app page. Apart from being good looking, it must be easy to navigate and very informative. As a matter of fact, the change of you boosting your conversion rates and attracting clientele will be severely inhibited if any of these components are missing from your app page.

Apart from focusing on how users or visitors interact with a app, UX is also concerned with the navigation, layout, and structure of content on the app. As a matter of fact, this can try to be perfect from a visual perspective even though it’s not usually the case. A design service provider offers a variety of deliverables ranging from wireframes, prototypes to user flows and sitemaps. It is important to understand that all these are more focused on the purpose of the site, as well as its underlying structure. Though these may be affected by the visual appearance, however, they can be created as a separate layer entirely that is applicable over the top.

So, when creating a app that showcases your products and services, it becomes essentially important to consider user experience or UX as it is popularly known. When you design a app page that is based on UX, you are simply designing a space that is easy for visitors to navigate, understand, and access. On the other hand, this will help to distinguish your app from your competitors who give little or no consideration to UX thereby boosting your traffic and customer base. Think of it as the ergonomics of your personal app.

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