How I learned React/Redux

Published Jan 01, 2018

About me

Mobile Developer with a background in Physics

Why I wanted to learn React/Redux

As a Mobile developer, I needed to expand my programming experience across web development. When the opportunity came to work on a web development project in my place of work, I happily jumped into it. It was an opportunity I have been waiting for

How I approached learning React/Redux

I started by reading different articles and watched several youtube tutorials before heading straight to the documentation. The tutorials and article provided me with the context to understand the documetation.

Challenges I faced

It was hard at first. I had zero knowledge in Javascript, although, I have done few things with html, css and bootstrap before. Javascript and Jquery were a pain since I encountered them and was lost most times in the project but as work progressed, I grew along with it as I updated my javascript/jquery knowledge-base which became very instrumental in understanding the web-side things.

Key takeaways

Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone; there is no growth there. You might get bashed by your boss and colleagues but you have to be resolute and endure to pass through the process because it is in this process that growth actually comes. Also, don't be shy from asking for help.

Tips and advice

When learning a new technology, don't rely on one source of information. Don't copy and paste spaghetti code; try and understand code you get online before replicating them in your project.

Final thoughts and next steps

I hope to build more simple applications with React/Redux

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