Christian Barra, Organization software engineerView Profile
Christian Barra5.0
Freelance Organization developer in Wrocław, Poland

(freelance developer ∪ consultant ∪ trainer) ∩ Python

I spend my days coding, learning news stuff and try to get things done, sometimes I fail but is a part of the process. I like to share my knowledge and passion for the things that I love to do, so whether you want to be a programmer or a better programmer I am here to help. I believe there is nothing more important than persistence to achieve your goals, if you have it your are halfway there.
David, senior Organization developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Organization developer in Cittadella, Italy

I ❤️ learning about new technologies, 🗣 on podcasts about interesting stuff, and I'm passionate about taking nice 📸 with my iPhone.

I'm passionate about technology, I love to learn new things as much as possible and then write article to help others understand a new tool, idea or concept. My passion is to take something complicated, brake it down, understand it and share what I learned with others in a way that is simple for everyone to understand.

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