Dmitry, Openshift programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Openshift developer in Berlin, Germany


have experience with openshift based on kubernetes(3 version), same as gears(1-2 version).
Rowland Ekemezie, Openshift dev and freelancerView Profile
Rowland Ekemezie5.0
Freelance Openshift developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Javascript, Nodejs, and React/Redux Expert

Full-stack Javascript Developer, automated system enthusiast, addictive learner, human capital development advocate, writer, and a software engineer. I love making it easy for people to learn.
Abdullah Diab, top Openshift developerView Profile
Abdullah Diab
Freelance Openshift developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Software Developer/Engineer with 10+ years of experience

With 10+ years of experience, I've built so many applications, for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and the Web. Backed by the theoretical knowledge, I make planned and careful decisions, to create extensible and flexible software, that would scale and grow with the business.
Ami Solomon, Openshift freelance programmerView Profile
Ami Solomon4.8
Freelance Openshift developer in Phoenix, United States

Software Architect at American Express

I am an experienced software architect with 15 years of experience delivering a wide variety of business solutions. I have a special interest in emerging software technologies and designing intuitive and easy to use applications. Application Architect, Application Developer, and Database Administrator. JavaScript, AngularJS, .NET, SQL, SOA, NodeJS, Business Intelligence, Usability, SharePoint, Agile Software Development (XP, Scrum), Distributed Systems Architecture, Information Security, Cloud Computing
Olaide Ojewale, senior Openshift developerView Profile
Olaide Ojewale5.0
Freelance Openshift developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Simplicity is key.

I'm just a man who gets a good feeling whenever he solves problems. :) I try to take time out to help with open-source and community projects. I believe that there is always knowledge to be shared and gained. I'm always happy to help!
Roberto C. Morano, Openshift freelancer and developerView Profile
Roberto C. Morano5.0
Freelance Openshift developer in Zaragoza, Spain

Systems Engineer and DevOps advocate

I'm a passionate about IT. I really love to understand how each piece engage with each other in this big puzzle Internet and computering is. I don't like to work without having all the understanding needed to analyze and solve any problem in each matter I work with. Those are the reasons why FLOSS (Free/Libre OpenSource Software) is other of my passions, because working with FLOSS allows you to look into any problem until you find the exact line of code that is causing trouble. Those are not the only reasons I love FLOSS, of course. I love working in community, demonstrating the power of the crowd intelligence and making this world a better place. My goal in my professional life is to create some start-ups under my own agile/devop culture influenced convincements, merging b...
Nicola Ferraro, senior Openshift developerView Profile
Nicola Ferraro
Freelance Openshift developer in Arezzo, Italy

Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat

I'm a senior developer and a technology enthusiast.
Daniel, Openshift programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Openshift developer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Professional programmer; hobbyist teacher; patient zealot for depth of understanding in both

I have been in love with programming and amateur programmer since high school, and have worked as a programmer for quite a few years now, mostly in mobile, especially iOS (but I'm looking to shift more to Android and/or the backend side of mobile). I take great pleasure in helping others to find their way into programming (and anything else I know about), and I believe strongly in gaining as much depth of understanding as possible in any field, rather than skimming just enough to get by. I am very patient, and I share my passions without delegitimising other views. I have a natural leaning towards and am increasingly influenced by the perspective of EW Dijkstra and believe that a programmer should be able to know that her work is correct, not just get it to work satisfactorily.

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