Jacob Heater, Oop javascript freelance coderView Profile
Jacob Heater5.0
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Centreville, United States

President/Founder at Code Corps

GitHub Repository: http://github.com/jacobheater I am an engaging individual with a strong passion for software architecture. I have excellent interpersonal skills, and communicate well in both oral and written forms. I am a natural leader and have experience in leading a team of developers, client presentations, meetings, and exhibit good leadership characteristics. I have software architecture experience in small and enterprise level applications, and am highly experienced in the SDLC process. I enjoy working in a team setting, in fast-paced environments and leading a team to success. I believe that writing high-quality code is a must, not a nice-to-have, and I enjoy mentoring developers and learning from other people. I am highly skilled in multiple programming languages and platfor...
Olajide Michael, Oop javascript software engineerView Profile
Olajide Michael5.0
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Moriki, Nigeria

A Passionate Geek.

I have 4+ years of professional Software Development. I am a team player with a passion for innovation, disruptive technology and always welcome constant change.
Rory Kermack, Oop javascript freelance coderView Profile
Rory Kermack
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Bromley, United Kingdom

Senior developer

Award winning, senior full stack developer & interactive designer who has worked for international clients.
Vasili Sviridov, Oop javascript software engineerView Profile
Vasili Sviridov5.0
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Mililani Town, United States

CTO at Charit.ee Inc.

I'm working on all sorts of interesting stuff. Process optimization, infrastructure automation, full stack development. Writing lots of JavaScript, both server and client side. Playing around with things like ReactJS. An aspiring vim user. Currently looking into things like Solr, Elastic Search, InfluxDB. Curious about functional languages, like Erlang, Haskell. I think that CSP is cool, but have not had time to read RnRS and CLHS yet. Scala, Go, and Rust look interesting to me. Would like to try myself with AWS or any other cloud. I run my own server infrastructure. Avid linux user since 2000. I attend all sorts of meetups in Greater Vancouver area, so catch me there. Started TA-ing recently with folks at Lighthouse Labs. Great vibes. I love teaching people everything I know.
Bojan Đurđević, senior Oop javascript developerView Profile
Bojan Đurđević5.0
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer

I am an experienced and passionate developer with a degree in computer science. My expertise is in the field of Web applications with a focus on architectural design, user experience, and performance.
STEPHEN ODUNTAN, Oop javascript software engineerView Profile
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Moriki, Nigeria

A passionate JS fullstack develop with 5+ year experience in software engineering. Built 10+ apps from ground up

I am a complete music lover and a multi-skilled engineer who has over the years worked on projects spanning across mobile, web, desktop and hybrid apps. You can call me Master of all :). I worked on the ever-growing EDVES Basic for elementary & senior secondary schools. When I'm not found coding, I'm either listening to music or writing super codes (coding again? Yes, coding!)
Ramesh Soni, Oop javascript freelance programmerView Profile
Ramesh Soni
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Gurgaon, India

Principal Architect in a leading software service company

OVERVIEW Spent around 12 years in software design and development. Full stack engineer, working at all levels of software development – designing, coding, troubleshooting, reviewing, etc. SPECIALTIES #coding #algorithms #architecture #UI #estimation SOLUTIONS #multi-tiered #high-scalability #high-performance #distributed-architecture #mobile-apps #web-apps #web-services #desktop-apps
Daniel Hug, Oop javascript freelance developerView Profile
Daniel Hug4.9
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Puyallup, United States

Frontend Dev: JavaScript, Web App Architecture

I mentor others in Front End Web Dev on a daily basis. I enjoy using JS to create modular and scaleable web apps.
Mauro Bonucci, top Oop javascript developerView Profile
Mauro Bonucci5.0
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Porto, Portugal

Full Stack Developer

Born in Portugal and raised in Macau (China) for more than 12 years, graduated in Oporto, Portugal at ISMAI (Instituto Superior da Maia), by majoring in Multimedia Technology - Computer Graphics and Mobile. Worked in Web Development before and between graduation, by acquiring a clear knowledge of the technology industry within the real world. Experience in different programming languages, frameworks and platforms: His areas of expertise are in Job Recruitment and Real Estate industries (Web-Based) with experience in Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing. After working with recruitment, marketing and communication agencies has a Web Developer.
Moshe Baram, Oop javascript freelance programmerView Profile
Moshe Baram
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Limassol, Cyprus

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

I am an experienced Full Stack JavaScript developer, with an experience of 10 years in the field. My experience working with many different platforms and projects drove me to learn more and more about the field. My specialties include development methodologies to help a developer be more efficient and avoid bugs in the code (the QA Anarchist), web debugging, refactoring, software architecture, web standards, performance optimization.
Ivo Stefanov, Oop javascript freelance coderView Profile
Ivo Stefanov
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Software Developer at Finance Matters B.V.

Enthusiastic about the technical future, likes to work with people and facilitate their daily computer activities, easy to work with, adding value to group work, perfectionist, altruist
Danijel Andjelkovic, Oop javascript consultant and programmerView Profile
Danijel Andjelkovic
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Niš, Serbia

Full stack web developer

Full-stack developer with over ten years of experience in web development. Lately mostly working as a front-end developer. Worked on various projects from game development to fully customized web shops.
Sotirios Karanasios, Oop javascript consultant and programmerView Profile
Sotirios Karanasios
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Thessaloniki, Greece
I currently work as a full-stack sotware engineer using technologies such as ES6/ReactJS/Redux/Cordova/Electron/D3Js and Vanilla OOP for the front-end while I utilize NodeJS v4/6 for the back-end partof my applications. I wrote my first lines of code by the age on 9 on an old IBM-4.77Mhz IBM box running BASICA from EPROM. I have written many applications in statically typed languages such as C/C++ and Delphi and moved gradually and refactored several apps to PHP OOP/Javascript in 2004-2005. In 2007 I wrote my first SPA application which is still active but no longer actively maintained and can be found at http://www.xarths.gr. In 2013 I realized that the future relies in the front-end and started exploring frameworks and developing applications such as KnockoutJS/Angular/Handlebars etc. ...
JuanMa Garrido, senior Oop javascript developerView Profile
JuanMa Garrido
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Vic, Spain

Lead Frontend Developer & Frontend Trainer

Lead Frontend Developer, with more than 8 years of experience in high performance sites like Cyloop and Softonic. Expertise in Javascript, developing code in Agile software environments and applying software engineering like OOP, refactoring, design patterns and TDD. Broad experience working w/ several JS frameworks (angular.js, backbone.js, jquery, etc...) Wide experience in HTML5/CSS3 development and in delivering websites that are accessible, usable, cross-browser compatible and web standards compliant with the highest quality and fully semantic code. Fluid Layouts & Responsive Web Design Mobile first development using technologies such as: SASS/Compass, Angular.js, ES2015, Ionic with RESTful APIs, Bootstrap, Jasmine & PhoneGap More than 300 Hours of experience (since 2000...
Olajide, Oop javascript developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Oop javascript developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A Passionate Geek

I figured you probably want to know a little more than my passion for tech. Professionally, I am a Software Engineer currently working with an awesome startup based out of San Francisco. With progressively responsible software engineering experience in business domains using latest technologies and platforms, result oriented, hands-on problem-solving, debugging and analytical capabilities. Passionate about balancing meeting resource and time constraints while doing it right, motivated with intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, bringing a strong foundation of knowledge and skill set, well developed communication and interpersonal skills. I enjoy taking problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interface design. I love programming and always strive to be...

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