Djuro Alfirevic, Oo programming software engineerView Profile
Djuro Alfirevic5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Paris, France

iOS Software Architect

From 2005 I have been working on a large amount of projects from PHP, .NET, iOS, Java, Java Cryptography, etc. I have been lecturing programming on Military Academy, Electrical Engineering School, private schools, etc.
Rahul Sharma, Oo programming freelance coderView Profile
Rahul Sharma3.3
Freelance Oo programming developer in Somerville, United States

Engineer with 5+ years of app development. Ex-LinkedIn and Yelper

I am an MSEE with years of development and have worked as a developer and technical analyst at LinkedIn and Yelp. I can help you succeed
Martin, Oo programming programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Oo programming developer in Berlin, Germany

Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Designer

Making sure design & data tell the same story, create some pictures once a while.
Daan Terra, Oo programming freelance developerView Profile
Daan Terra5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Freelance Software Engineer

Adventurous ideas motivate me to explore new possibilities. Besides that I have an eye for detail and quickly have a strong commitment to achieve high quality. In my work this leads to technological advance. Modern art that involves technology can inspire me. It is important for me to work on something that I believe is a beneficial contribution to the world. Keywords: Analytical, Perfectionist, Technical, Adventurous, Helpsome, Curious
Olajide Michael, Oo programming software engineerView Profile
Olajide Michael5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Moriki, Nigeria

A Passionate Geek.

I have 4+ years of professional Software Development. I am a team player with a passion for innovation, disruptive technology and always welcome constant change.
Valeriy, Oo programming developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Oo programming developer in Odesa, Ukraine

I can actually do this!

I've been an experienced programming contestant and for that reason my style of solving problems became like fast and correct - that's everything we need. Writing code has been my hobby since I was 13 and it's the perfect age for studying IT. Those circumstances gave me an ability not only to repeat after another programmers, but also to develop my own tricks, ways of solving problems.
Swaraj Ramesh, top Oo programming developerView Profile
Swaraj Ramesh4.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Villupuram, India

An automation tester and developer by profession. Programmer and fiddler by hobby.

A problem solver and a quick learner with a passion for technology and hands on experience in multiple platforms, from the really old to the reasonably new.
Felipe Pina, Oo programming freelance programmerView Profile
Felipe Pina5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Senior Java Developer at Toptal

Mathematician and senior Java developer with 12+ years of experience, most of which is in the financial sector. I enjoy building high quality software by writing clean and elegant code and love an intellectual challenge.
Rafi Hindman, Oo programming freelance coderView Profile
Rafi Hindman5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Spring Valley, United States

CTO at Overpass LLC

I am an UX/UI Expert and help our clients provide the best service to their customers by understanding their use cases and developing top notch front end systems that are targeted for their end-users. Working daily with hands on development, focusing on both Front-End and Back-End development, my specialty is the wide range of understanding in technologies ,combined with the ability to translate business requirements into technical specifications while ensuring projects deadlines and limitations are met. Visualizing end results and confirmations from key stakeholders ensure smooth progress. I have hands on experience with many technologies and am confident that I can give you great results.
Dishant Soni, Oo programming freelance coderView Profile
Dishant Soni5.0
Freelance Oo programming developer in Plano, United States

A JavaScript Ninja and passionate tutor

I have deep understanding on front-end technologies. This involves HTML5, CSS2/3 and JavaScript with OOP. I am professionally a full stack developer expert on Java based frameworks. Open to solve and help with any front-end, java and design based problems.
Ricardo, Oo programming developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Oo programming developer in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil

A curious long life learner person

I am involved with Computer Science for 20 years now, I have worked professionally with Java and The C Programming Language. For the past years I have been doing research in Discrete Event Simulation programming, for several projects, writing papers.
Sergey Melikhov, Oo programming software engineerView Profile
Sergey Melikhov
Freelance Oo programming developer in New York, United States

Data/Database developer

Creates Obeject-Oriented, fast and efficient solutions with Python and C# Writes elaborate and performant SQL queries and stored procedures Expertise in the T-SQL, Netezza/IBM PureData SQL; Oracle PL-SQL and data modeling Developed web services, web sites and code modules in Python and C# for efficient data access Has extensive UNIX/Linux engineering and development and Windows development experience
Tomasz Murglin, senior Oo programming developerView Profile
Tomasz Murglin
Freelance Oo programming developer in Gdynia, Poland

Experienced Software Engineer / Architect | Currently in financial sector. I code on daily basis so I could understand your problems and for sure I dont bite you :)

Im software engineer specialized in Java technologies. During my career I designed, implemented, tested and successfully delivered number of projects in different business sectors including: automotive, clothing, financial, ETL etc. for blue chip companies. I could provide high quality and testable code or architecture design for enterprise robust, scalable, safe, modular, layered, abstract and decoupled systems in full stack from back to frontend. Im also programmer by passion and strongly focused on self - development. Im of course interested in technologies but also in soft skills e.g. methodologies etc. Im strongly interested in software architecture, design patterns and also cybersecurity. Im open to new technologies and ideas. I always try to analyze problems from higher perspective ...
Aravindhan Gnanaprakasam, Oo programming engineer and developerView Profile
Aravindhan Gnanaprakasam
Freelance Oo programming developer in Peterborough, United Kingdom

Full Stack Web Developer

I am a Full Stack Web Application Developer primarily using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, C#
Olajide, Oo programming developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Oo programming developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A Passionate Geek

I figured you probably want to know a little more than my passion for tech. Professionally, I am a Software Engineer currently working with an awesome startup based out of San Francisco. With progressively responsible software engineering experience in business domains using latest technologies and platforms, result oriented, hands-on problem-solving, debugging and analytical capabilities. Passionate about balancing meeting resource and time constraints while doing it right, motivated with intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, bringing a strong foundation of knowledge and skill set, well developed communication and interpersonal skills. I enjoy taking problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interface design. I love programming and always strive to be...

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