Open source alternative to this platform?

Published Jul 15, 2017
Open source alternative to this platform?

While I was browsing an internet, looking for some basic SQL tutorials, I accidentally came across this platform I haven't known so far.

It looks like interesting idea - I suppose that a huge amount of learners on the one hand, and on the other, many experts benefits from it mutually.

Nothing against them at all. Where is a demand there's a supply. Why not.

But it is not exactly my cup of tea - imho there must be hardcoded endless desire to learn something new even in the minds of the most recognized experts or professionals/software engineers/server admins/DevOps... etc. etc.

My question is simple: is there some open source-driven platform like this? And if so, could you please write me the links to the comments?

The thing is - for example - that I got (I think... at least) very good expertize in some field which I would gladly share for free with anybody willing to listen. And there are a lot of fields in which I suck and I really want to know more about them. And this one on one live mentoring could be very helpful for this purpose. So is there some "open source" "knowledge-exchange" platform of experts who just want to extend their skills and at the same time share their expertize to others? Without making or giving money.

Thanx a lot for tips;-)

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