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Experienced software developer with a science degree and 4+ years experience working on both the front and backend. I have quickly become a highly skilled developer with the majority of my experience being backend related working with tools such as Python, PHP & Ruby, and working with AngularJS and ExpressJS on the front. In terms of databases I have experience working with SQL & MySQL, and in relations to DevOps/workflow processes I am a sound user of CI tool Jenkins and have experience working with version control using Git - Additionally I am familiar working with testing frameworks. Being a keen learner, I do my best to keep up with current technologies and new additions in my spare time, and I just generally like to surround myself with all things tech. In fact, for the past year I have been a Udacity code reviewer!

I will help turn your Mac (>= OS X) laptop into an awesome full-stack web development machine using Python.

laptop.py 6   1
A shell script which turns your OS X laptop into an awesome fullstack web development machine using Python. Inspired by ThoughtBot's laptop for Ruby on Rails
awesome-python 3   0
A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries and software
ruby-style-guide 2   1
A community-driven Ruby coding style guide
accounting 2   0
accounting is a Python package providing simple and advanced number, money and currency formatting.
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
enyo 2   0
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Raymond Carl Nov 22, 2016

Bernard was very helpful and patient. He helped me solve the problem in the best way possible, explaining to me everything he was doing. Great mentor :)
Felippe Nardi Jan 06, 2016

He was patient and helped me solve my problem, even though I had a Node.js server on my device that I needed to run through my end.
Yamileth Medina Nov 27, 2015

Very helpful, but there was a problem with the sound quality.
Chris Ekin Nov 03, 2015

Ojengwa is a really smart and helpul mentor. He walked me through my process, even with a few stumbling blocks in the code.
Krys Nov 03, 2015

Ojengwa is the man! He helped me figure out what my issue was in trying to connect my cloud9 to Bitbucket and push my code via git. I was completely lost, but I'm an amateur so... ya.
Danny Avery Nov 01, 2015

Very helpful, and won't stop until the problem is solved.
Nicola Stewart Oct 19, 2015