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Engineering Management 101: Cross Team Collaboration and Communication

 With  Jeremy Wight
  Thu, Mar 30, 08:00 AM (PST)

We're excited to be joined by Jeremy Wight to discuss cross team collaboration and communication. As an engineering manager at InVision, Jeremy has unique insights into the collaboration between design/product and engineering. We'll also be asking audience questions live, so feel free to email us your questions beforehand!

Jeremy is an engineering manager at InVision with over 10 years of experience in engineering and product management. He currently oversees a team of engineers responsible for mobile product development. With a passion to deliver significant product value to users quickly and of the highest quality possible, Jeremy brings a mix of fun and function to his leadership style.

During his career, Jeremy has led multiple engineering teams of different types, products and contexts from System-Platform-to-Product engineers in both non, part and fully remote contexts. InVision is a largely distributed company, which shapes some of his perspectives on building an effective and collaborative team culture.

Outside of InVision, he regularly contributes to open source development projects, such as the Greenville Trolley Tracker App and provides mentorship to several engineering and product leaders.

Connect with Jeremy on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and GitHub.

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Jeremy Wight
Jeremy Wight

Engineering Manager @ InVision

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