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How to Unit Test With C#

 With  Matt Dixon
  Thu, Feb 23, 10:00 AM (PST)
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How to Unit Test With C#

Let me know if you have experienced this before. The business owner for your project comes in with a critical bug that needs to be fixed yesterday. It’s all hands on deck until it's done. You and your team work feverishly to resolve the issue but have no idea why the software is broken. Eventually, deep in the innards of a 700+ line method, you find it, fix it, and go back to your day.

We must break the cycle. Unit tests are almost always the last thing we work on, and sometimes we don’t have any tests at all. Our goal, as developers, is to write good software. Unit tests are a great way to provide automated regression testing, help new team members get up to speed with the software, and ensure that we are not introducing bugs with our code changes.

This Office Hours will focus on Unit Tests with C# using both MS Test and NUnit. You will learn why, what, and how we test. We'll also cover how to write high-value tests and why code coverage is important.

Prior knowledge of unit testing is nice to have, but if this is your first exposure to unit tests, you’ll be ok. It is assumed that you are familiar with C# and have an understanding of software development.

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