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How to Implement amCharts into Angular 2

 With  Anton Selin
  Tue, Aug 9, 12:00 PM (PST)
Video & Recap
How to Implement amCharts into Angular 2

Are you a front-end developer looking to integrate maps or charts with your Angular application?

In the latest installment of Office Hours, Anton Selin will be sharing how to integrate and use amCharts library with Angular 2. If you already know some AngularJS, JavaScript, or HTML, get to see Angular 2 in action with this live event.

Anton is a senior developer with extensive experience in web development and enterprise architecture.

Read the tutorial write-up for this Office Hours here.

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Codementor Expert
Anton Selin
Anton Selin

I'm an Entrepreneur. My goal is always to be a recognized as an expert in the fields of software engineering, enterprise architecture, and IT management I like new technologies because I believe that nowadays, the IT enables companies to...

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