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Office Hours with "angular-meteor" creator Uri Goldshtein

 With  Urigo
  Fri, Mar 20, 11:00 AM (PST)
Video & Recap
Office Hours with "angular-meteor" creator Uri Goldshtein

Meteor 1.0 has just been released and the great power it gives to programmers is incredible. As a hard core AngularJS developer I wasn't so happy with Meteor’s choice to invent a new templating engine called Blaze. Researching into Meteor’s code I've learned more about the philosophies behind the choices they’ve made and why it doesn't stop us from using it with AngularJS. Even better, we can use all the power, simplicity and eco-system of AngularJS together with Meteor’s tools (including Meteor's great integration with Cordova). After a few production apps with Meteor, AngularJS and Ionic Framework we came to realize, AngularJS and Meteor are a match made in heaven!

The talk will be about Meteor’s concepts, how to integrate AngularJS and Ionic Framework into it, the technical details about the angular-meteor implementation, and how it utilizes concepts from both AngularJS and Meteor.

Uri is the creator of the angular-meteor package which makes the integration between AngularJS and Meteor as seamless as possible. Uri travels around the world building stuff and consulting to various companies. Started with assembler, C++, then C# and WPF before taking on the web a few years ago. Since then he has regularly spoken and lectured about AngularJS until he moved on to develop the library 'angular-meteor' and now he is talking about angular-meteor every chance he gets.

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