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Tmux is awesome

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  Wed, Oct 22, 11:00 AM (PST)
Video & Recap
Tmux is awesome

What is tmux? tmux is a terminal multiplexer: it enables a number of terminals (or windows), each running a separate program, to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen.  It is a popular secret weapon of many experienced developers.  

Codementor expert Bruno Sutic is the creator of various Tmux plugins.  In this Office Hours Bruno will talk about beginning with tmux, but also about more advanced use cases and best practices.  

Here's a list of topics Bruno will cover:  

  • why use tmux  
  • tmux basics  
  • best practices  
  • tmux plugin manager - 'TPM'
  • tmux-resurrect - why use it
  • tmux-copycat + tmux-yank + tmux-open (how to work with these plugins)



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