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Interactive Charts in D3.js

  Wed, Dec 31, 04:00 PM (PST)
Video & Recap
Interactive Charts in D3.js

We’ll live-code the process of taking a dataset from a typical source (a spreadsheet file or JSON) and displaying it interactively with the fantastic D3.js framework.

Display it as a table? Yes! How about a bar chart? Sure. A column chart? No problem! A scatter plot? Indeed. We’ll take the data and transform it three or four different ways. For good measure, we’ll add some attractive styling and a soupçon of animation effects to give the results a polished sparkle.

You’ll walk away with the code to do those things, and a better understanding of how to use D3.js for your own visualization projects. After the live coding, we’ll continue with a Q&A / discussion session.

Technologies: D3.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG

ETA: Thanks everyone for attending!

Useful links: 

  1. Google Slides version of presentation
  2. Plunker standbox - feel free to fork, play with, and share



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