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Introduction to ES6 with Jack Franklin

  Wed, Mar 11, 11:00 AM (PST)
Video & Recap
Introduction to ES6 with Jack Franklin

Continuing with our March-theme of "Javascript Framework Month", we'll be taking a look at ES6.

ES6, often referred to as “Harmony”, is the sixth major release of the ECMAScript language specification. ECMAScript is the “proper” name for the language commonly referred to as JavaScript.

In this Office Hours session, Jack Franklin will introduce ES6, the new version of JavaScript, and a lot of the new features that come with it. We'll see how we can use them and what advantages they bring to tidy up your code. We'll then look at tools that mean you can use ES6 features today without having to wait for browsers to implement them.

Jack Franklin is the author of "Beginning jQuery", which guides novices through JavaCript and jQuery to the point where they write their own plugins.


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