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Working on Open Source, Large and Small

  Thu, Jun 26, 11:00 AM (PST)
Video & Recap
Working on Open Source, Large and Small

We’re super excited to have Steve Klabnik joining us at our upcoming Codementor Office Hours!

Steve is an active Rails contributor and is currently ranked #32 on the all-time Rails Contributors list.

In a live interactive Q&A small group discussion, Steve will share his experiences of working on large & small open source projects and how these experiences can make you a better developer.

In Steve’s own words: “I work on many open source projects. I have 273 repositories on GitHub, and am in 15 organizations. Some of them are huge, like Ruby on Rails. Some of them are small, like my own little side projects. All of them are different. Let’s have a chat about what it’s like to do a lot of open source work, and some of the things I’ve found useful, and some of the things that I’ve regretted.”

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