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Ray Phan, freelance Octave developerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Mississauga, Canada

PhD, former university instructor and software engineer with 20 years of software development experience in MATLAB, Python, Java, C, and C++. Image Processing and Machine Learning are part of my all-balanced diet. Students get a 33% discount!

I have used MATLAB / Octave for over 15 years, and have used the framework in my graduate research, thesis, industrial and personal projects. I also currently use it at my current workplace and use it for rapid prototyping and algorithms development. I am very knowledgeable here, especially in writing efficient and vectorized code and am currently fifth highest overall in answering MATLAB / Octave related questions on StackOverflow:, I thoroughly enjoy answering SO questions, and so I might as well put my skills to use here!
Farrukh Yakubov, Octave software engineerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Software Engineer

Have used Octave for prototyping and designing machine learning models.
Himank Airon, Octave freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Allahabad, India

Python C++ R Matlab Programmer with expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science with experience of 2+ years

Have worked on some Machine Learning Algorithm using Python
Steve Purves, Octave freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain

C++, Matlab, Javascript, number crunching, visualisation & scientific apps. 15+ yrs. TDD/BDD

Scientific software developer (image processing, data analysis, machine learning & visualisation) and computing using C++, matlab, javascript & web apps. I've been developing working professionally for over 15 years and have touched all sorts of technologies, APIs, Algorithms, build systems in that time 3D Visualisation, GPU/CUDA, Linux/Windows, boost, node.js, .... These days getting into js, node and web technologies. I practice BDD & TDD have led & worked on agile teams and regularly teach people over the internet.
edA-qa mort-ora-y, Octave freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Hanau am Main, Germany

Programmer, Writer, Creator of Leaf programming language

I’m a programmer with over 20 years of experience. My projects include graphic rendering, telecommunications, scientific applications, business processes, video games, financial platforms, and development products. I'm even the creator of a programming language called Leaf. You name it and I've probably done it. I love working on complex problems and am always up for a good challenge.
Ioan Carol Plangu, Octave freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Prague, Czechia

Developer. Technologist. Entrepreneur.

In my interactions with development partners, contractors, co-workers, I have the habit of review every single line of code I can that interacts directly with my project. As a result I read, understand, debug and fix foreign code all the time, and will be able to solve your problem and help you form a stronger understanding and intuition about improving your project. Former software engineer at Skype, currently involved in several startups in Prague, Czech Republic.
Rody Oldenhuis, senior Octave developerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Physicist by heart, Space Engineer by training, born Software Engineer

I’m a mid-level software engineer with extensive experience in C, C++, MATLAB, and Simulink. I love designing and developing extremely complex algorithms, to be run on real-time systems, high-performance computer clusters, or similarly challenging platforms.
Egon Geerardyn, senior Octave developerHire Now
Freelance Octave developer in Brussels, Belgium

Engineer with a knack for programming

I have been using git for years, also for my engineering projects. Most of those are MATLAB, LabView, the odd one in python. I am doing a PhD in system identification, so I do know my fair share of control theory, signal processing, statistics, ...

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