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I craft web apps with Django/Flask and deploy them to Heroku. Redis, PostrgreSQL and MongoDB are my databases of choice. Have solid background in machine learning, big data, Hadoop. Product-wise I can help you choose the right tech stack for the problem, develop and drive your product in the right direction, lean style.
4 Postgresql
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
I've been crafting web apps with python/flask for the last couple of years.
Django expert help Django - 3 years experience
Perl expert help Perl - 5 years experience
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
I generally use mongo when crafting quick prototypes and MVP's. Great tool!
No icon Blockchain - 1 year experience
pystash 139   10
Stash command line client
mnemonic 8   0
Convert urls to words
angelrob 2   4
toster 2   1
Shell Python JavaScript
django-likes 0   1
Django app providing view interface to django-secretballot.
Python JavaScript
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He was a great help, very professional.
Codementor Oct 31, 2016

Very helpful and patient, thank you!
Brendan Whiting May 31, 2016

Alfonso Hernandez May 20, 2016

Works hard to understand the problem and find you a solution! Highly recommend!
Ryan Mar 20, 2016

Alex went Straight to the heart of the issue and providing very creative solution! I'm thrilled.
Timothy Lombard Nov 05, 2015

Very knowledgeable. Introduced me to new approaches. Highly recommended.
richard b. Nov 03, 2015

rob Oct 19, 2015

great work!
rob Oct 11, 2015

Very nice and extremely patient with me.
Adrianna Oct 10, 2015

Even though the mentor has not done angular, he knew exactly how to help me with javascript
Khoa Le Sep 27, 2015

Alex helped me to publish an article to Github. I would highly recommend you hire him if it's something he is able to help you with!
Adrian Childers Sep 23, 2015

I just had a very brief meeting to let Alex know what I'm working on. He sounds very knowledgeable and will continue to work with him to learn the basics of Github.
Adrian Childers Sep 22, 2015

Best mentor I've tried on Codementor - really great instructor and very talented at Django.
Lars Holdgaard May 24, 2015

Great mentor as always... Always implements best practices.
TisMentor Mar 25, 2015

Great mentor, thought a lot a lot, tons of knowledge dump! Also fixed the issues and developed new features on the go. Implemented all best practices. I definitely recommend!!
TisMentor Mar 22, 2015

Alexander was very helpful and takes the effort to ensure your problem is fixed. Highly recommended!
Shauray Mar 19, 2015

Took us a couple trys to get it working, but was still quick and relentless on the problem.
Cameron Mar 16, 2015

Alexander is great to work with, very thorough and patient!
Matt B Mar 14, 2015

I explained and showed the problem to the mentor and he was able to give me the answer very quickly and explained how I went wrong.
Matthew Dovey Mar 09, 2015

Alex was absolutely awesome and I'd definitely hire him again! He was very quick and made it look easy.
Andrew Kelley Mar 07, 2015

The mentor was able to set me on the correct track after showing him the problems I ran into.
Matthew Dovey Mar 07, 2015

Great mentor , My opinion most likely wont change over the course of having to write a review after each session. Helped me solve my problems and helped me learn why I ran into them in the first place.
Matthew Dovey Mar 04, 2015

I ran into another problem with my project and as I have already experienced a session with this mentor and found it to be a good experience I decided to use him again. He helped me out and corrected a lot of my mistakes while teaching me about them.
Matthew Dovey Mar 01, 2015

Alex was v. helpful in fixing a slightly painful problem I was having with a rq and postgres issue, would recommend.
Graham Bates Mar 01, 2015

Good mentor both his and my first time using the site. He assisted me with my code to the point that he resolved major problems I was running into and was a fair mentor. Great pricing and paused the timer when ever he ran into a problem himself.
Matthew Dovey Feb 28, 2015