MDotlic, Numerical developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Numerical developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Computational mathematician

Developing and coding new and existing numerical methods for partial differential equations.
Francisco Aboim, Numerical software engineerView Profile
Francisco Aboim
Freelance Numerical developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

FullStack App developer and Data munger

I'm a fullstack developer with 4+ years of experience, put multiple apps into production using various technologies. Using mostly React Native recently for apps with a Express/MongoDB backend. Also have years of experience with data mining/analytics and numerical methods, GPU programming (OpenCL/CUDA) included. As of late I'm also interested in machine learning, specially image recognition/segmentation with keras or tensorflow.
Mauricio Ruiz, top Numerical developerView Profile
Mauricio Ruiz
Freelance Numerical developer in Madrid, Spain

Rates IT Quant Senior Analyst en BBVA

My skill are based in a solid preparation in a Bachelor degree of Computer Science and a MSc with specialization in Signal Processing and Numerical Optimization. The las 7 years I have worked in a bank developing C++ libraries that implement numerical methods for value financial derivatives products.
José Manuel Proudinat Silva, freelance Numerical programmer for hireView Profile
José Manuel Proudinat Silva5.0
Freelance Numerical developer in Veracruz, Mexico

Mathematician, data scientist and developer

Teaching and applying science is my passion. I have a BSc in Applied Mathematics. During my studies in university I worked as a Teacher Assistant in courses as Intermediate Economics and Probability; but also courses for scientific programming in R. Actually I am partner of a Data Science company, Datata ( where we work with projects that require great ability and expertise in web development, databases, statistics and scientific programming.
Christopher Coley, Numerical freelancer and developerView Profile
Christopher Coley5.0
Freelance Numerical developer in Greenbelt, United States

Experienced software engineer who is passionate about helping others

I have over 23 years of programming experience with many different languages (C, C++, MATLAB, Python, and others) on various platforms. The majority of my professional experience is in scientific and engineering software, but I also have experience and interest with mobile apps and games. I am currently working as a computer systems researcher and have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on computational fluid dynamics and 7+ years experience in academia.
Richard Leddy, top Numerical developerView Profile
Richard Leddy5.0
Freelance Numerical developer in Arcadia, United States

Owner, Copious Systems: an Information Technology and Services Consultant

I offer tutoring for software and advanced computer science topics related to AI or Web, I work on retainer for projects. Currently, I am developing using node.js, C++, and more. I am looking into Etherium with selenium contracts.
Jia Pu, Numerical programmer for hireView Profile
Jia Pu
Freelance Numerical developer in Mountain View, United States

Seasoned C/C++ coder with diverse experience from working for Apple to various start-ups

I honed my coding skill and expertise in machine learning at Apple. If you are a Mac or iPhone, my work is in there. My have worked in both low level algorithm implementation in C/C++ and application development in Objective-C, Swift and Java. After almost 10 years of tenure at Apple, I series short projects at various places, including start-ups like Lytro and Navdy and big companies such as Netflix. I love to use what I know to help others to jump start or to overcome obstacles.
Pedro Dias, Numerical freelance developerView Profile
Pedro Dias
Freelance Numerical developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Full stack Javascript/Python developer.

Computer engineer with years of experience of building web projects. I aim to follow the best practices, and I believe that sharing my experiences is the best way of learning.
Luca Sbardella, senior Numerical developerView Profile
Luca Sbardella
Freelance Numerical developer in Dulwich, United Kingdom

Fullstack python and Javascript tech lead

Full-stack development with javascript - data analysis and backend with python
Ruben Van Boxem, Numerical software engineerView Profile
Ruben Van Boxem
Freelance Numerical developer in Smetlede, Belgium

Physicist turned software developer

After obtaining my Masters degree in Physics, I continued my academic career as a PhD researcher. I completed my thesis after 3 years and a bit. During this time, I took an interest in C++. I haven't stoppen since.
Andreas Falkenberg, Numerical software engineer and devView Profile
Andreas Falkenberg
Freelance Numerical developer in Escondido, United States

Java / Python / CS PhD / EE PhD / former Artificial Intelligence and DB Professor

20+ Years as software developer, software manager, software architect and professor for CS and telecommunication classes. Enjoyed to mentor team members and come up with better solutions but leave enough room for them to come up with a better solution themselves and discuss ideas.
Haldean Brown, top Numerical developerView Profile
Haldean Brown
Freelance Numerical developer in San Francisco, United States

Geometry at Plethora, Android and Infrastructure at Google

I've worked on large computational-geometry projects which involved both high-throughput numerical systems and novel geometric algorithm development. I worked on the Android operating system and a number of Android apps at Google, and I worked on the App Engine team developing the search API.

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