Getting Started with the New Android ArchitectureComponents.

Published Aug 26, 2017
Getting Started with the New Android ArchitectureComponents.

What are the new Architecture Component?
A new collection of libraries that help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps. Start with classes for managing your UI component Lifecycle and handling data persistence. This gives you time to focus on your core App functionality and logic.

These are the Components:
Lifecycle: It’s interfaces that let you build lifecycle-aware components. It is a class that holds the information about the Lifecycle state of a component(Activity or fragment).

LiveData: Lifecycle aware observable component where the Observer can specify a Lifecycle in which it should observe.

ViewModel: This will help to store and manage UI-related data so that the data survives configuration changes such as screen rotations.

LifecycleObserver: To help you build lifecycle-aware component that can automatically adjust their behavior based on the current Lifecycle of an activity or fragment.

LifecyclerOwner: Core interface for components that have a Lifecyle(Activities, Fragments and Processes).

Building Android Apps with the new Architecture Component
Using this new architecture component, we will be building Google Keep clone Android App which will help you create,edit and update notes. For this stage we will cover three architecture component with are Room, LiveData and ViewModel.

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