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------- PROMOTION: If we can't find any security vulnerabilities on your site if requested, we give your money back! ------- - ex-Googler (Front-end) - Security expert (Uncovered Tsu, Assembly and WordPress exploits, Government sites, universities) - I run my company - Full-stack developer at IDG. Serving 100 million users with brands like PCWorld, GameStar.
Wordpress Security Testing

Wordpress Security Testing

$50 - Delivery in 1 Day

I will security test your website that uses Wordpress CMS. The base price is only automated testing with my pre-written tools.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

$300 - Delivery in 5 Days

I'm a security tester / consultant. If you would like to defend yourself against cyber threats, you should call me right away. Look at my profile for more info.

Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
I was a front-end developer at Google. I was facing interviews from enterprises that not many people faced and I tackled most of them. I am taking every interview opportunity I get for fun.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
I started doing web design when I was around 10. It became a reflex by now.
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
I am a SitePoint author of the PHP section and I am building the CMS of PCWorld.com in PHP.
Python expert help Python - 1 year experience
I am learning Python but already created an algorithm that scrapes Pastebin for hacked user credentials with an 80% success rate on 10k files and puts the sensitive data into a database. Later I will notify these people when my algorithm has 95% success rate. I also made a Medium exporter that got to the top of Google. Take a look on it with my open source code: https://medium.com/@noxowe/export-medium-followers-a01addc25953
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
I originally started learning Node.JS when I got into Google and the creators of StrongLoop held many conferences. I had some smaller apps with it, no large projects yet.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
I knew about MySQL from the beginning and the advanced stuff began when I first saw a table with more than 400GB of data. From that point I consider myself an expert. Currently at IDG I am working with MySQL and PostgreSQL together with more than 10TBs of data.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I use git daily, hourly, sometimes every minute. I know multiple hosting platforms in-depth.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 5 years experience
Nothing to comment, I used it a lot with Node.JS and I love the platforms but I hate that it is not scalable enough
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
After learning Node.JS, I started learning Meteor almost instantly and I love it. I made a real-time chat-based game on a hackathon inside Google just for fun and I haven't won the hackathon but it was super fun.
No icon Linux - 12 years experience
I got my first Linux laptop a lot ago. I love the system and the modular design. I am currently using a BackBox Linux from a Pendrive (yeah you heard that right, I have my workspace on one pendrive that is easy to back up) and for gaming + heavier computing, I use my Windows machine.
No icon Database - 10 years experience
Look at MySQL above.
No icon Algorithm - 10 years experience
From the beginning of learning programming, my knowledge was built up carefully. I learnt many algorithms.
No icon Security - 5 years experience
I hacked into Tsu, the Facebook competitor, currently being resolved I found a vulnerability in Assembly (shutting down soon) and became the first person to hack it.
No icon Nosql - 5 years experience
Look at MongoDB above or CouchDB down!
No icon Couchdb - 4 years experience
I love CouchDB and I love Cloudant and the way they manage it. The system is well-made and easy to scale.. I worked it on lots of private projects and everything went fine!
No icon Cloud - 4 years experience
I am launching my start-up based on cloud infrastructure. I think it says it all.
No icon Artificial intelligence - 3 years experience
I love artificial intelligence. Unfortunately I didn't have many projects but I am looking forward doing some!
No icon Interview questions - 2 years experience
I was working at Google and I faced interview processes. I can teach you for the trickiest questions
No icon Vue.js - 1 year experience
A pretty new library with huge potential. I used it a lot with PageKit CMS. I like it!
No icon Hacking - 5 years experience
I hacked into Tsu, the Facebook competitor, currently being resolved I found a vulnerability in Assembly (shutting down soon) and became the first person to hack it.
No icon Browser extensions - 2 years experience
I am working closely with extensions that automate my life in both Firefox and Chrome.
No icon Riotjs - 1 year experience
React on steroids in a much smaller space. This is Riot and I use it in most of my browser extensions!

Frontend, CTO, Startups

Hey, I am Laszlo, I'm working on making the world a better place in any way possible. I am happy to answer any questions regarding interviews, starting to code, how to get into top companies and...

dev-bookmarks 40   5
My (mostly) web Front-end & Back-end bookmark collection that I collected for years.
NeptunFTW 3   0
A Neptun that doesn't suck (Work In Progress)
cookiepolicy 2   2
A small JS script that you can paste into the bottom of your site so users can accept cookies on your site
HTML JavaScript
say_what 1   0
Using speech-to-text to fully check out during con calls
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