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Nikola Nikolov

Nikola Nikolov

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Experienced and enthusiastic WordPress developer. Founder and Lead Developer at Paiyak Development

Sofia (+02:00)
Bulgarian, English
Young, but extremely experienced with WordPress - from tweaking a theme/plugin to developing complex sites built on WordPress. While I have a proficient knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery I only offer help for WordPress, since that is where I'm at my best. If you need help with any of the other languages and it's not related to WordPress it would be best for you to get it from an expert in that field. ---- I follow my dreams and goals - I've accomplished most of them so far and I'm working on the rest.
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Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
I've created a lot of WordPress-based sites(read 70+) - from simple blogs to complicated corporate websites. I have also developed multiple plugins - both unique to a specific site and ones that can be used on any WordPress site. I started off as an intern in a local company - I had pretty much no previous experience with PHP or JavaScript(only minor with HTML and some with Visual Basic). The internship lasted for about a month after which I started working on real projects. My main task was to convert static HTML sites to WordPress-powered sites. I stayed in the company for about 1 year and 5 months after which I became a freelancer. I did that in order to be able to spend more time working on myself and exploring the world(since it was a full-time position and I used to stay after work hours to finish projects). I freelanced for about half a year and then moved to Turkey - with my at that time girlfriend - where I worked for two different companies, creating sites with WordPress and teaching some of their employees how to do the same. After about 10 months I went back to Bulgaria and returned to freelancing again - and I've been doing that ever since. In the mean time I got married to my girlfriend and we now have a son :)
multilingual-wp 31   3
A new plugin for multilingual content in WordPress
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Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress 0   0
Lets you easily create metaboxes with custom fields that will blow your mind.
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Customizr WordPress Theme
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A WordPress plugin that makes a nice super simple Facebook Fan Page like button, without all the fixins'.
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Shortcake makes using WordPress shortcodes a piece of cake.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Always able to solve my issues. Awesome mentor.
Khary Reynolds Nov 25, 2016

Quick session and easy fix!
Khary Reynolds Nov 15, 2016

Great session regarding WooCommerce
Khary Reynolds Nov 01, 2016

This guy was seriously awesome, did the job incredibly quickly (several others failed). Highly, highly recommended.
Conor Ashcroft Jul 27, 2016

Another great session.
Khary Reynolds Jul 26, 2016

Great session
Khary Reynolds Jul 19, 2016

Another great session.
Khary Reynolds Jul 14, 2016

Great session
Khary Reynolds Jul 12, 2016

Another great session. Learning so much about Wordpress.
Khary Reynolds Jul 08, 2016

Another great session. Thanks again.
Khary Reynolds Jul 07, 2016

Really happy with his work. Didnt waste any time, extremely helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and just a nice dude. Will definitely be using in the future.
Steven Haddock Jul 04, 2016

Fantastic debugging session, kept it cool when everything seemed doomed and found the issue. Also tackled another nasty issue afterwards. Great job!
Timothy Jun 29, 2016

Great session as always.
Khary Reynolds Jun 28, 2016

Great Session
Khary Reynolds Jun 02, 2016

Excellent service, super smart and very quick - pleasure to work with!
Garry Goldman May 24, 2016

As always, we had a great session.
Khary Reynolds May 11, 2016

Awesome as Always!
Khary Reynolds Mar 09, 2016

Nikola was great! He dug down quickly to find the issue and did a great job of doing so. Very professional and friendly and knows his stuff. I highly recommend using him, especially for wordpress related issues.
Craig Lillard Mar 07, 2016

Awesome as Always!
Khary Reynolds Mar 07, 2016

Great Mentor. Nikola expands my Wordpress knowledge every week.
Khary Reynolds Feb 16, 2016

Great WP developer!
Khary Reynolds Feb 10, 2016

Awesome Mentor and Wordpress Developer!
Khary Reynolds Feb 03, 2016

Awesome as always!! Very knowledgeable on Wordpress and helps me with all of my issues.
Khary Reynolds Jan 14, 2016

Very helpful as always
Khary Reynolds Jan 12, 2016

Generous. Uber knowledgeable. Worth every penny +
Denise Jan 06, 2016

Very knowledgable with Wordpress. I definitely learned a lot during our session.
Khary Reynolds Dec 16, 2015

Excellent Wordpress developer who was able to identify and solve the issue within minutes. He responded quickly, great communication skills, and was very flexible with when and how we could work together. Highly recommended!
Kendal Miller Nov 23, 2015

Got the issues sorted quickly. Recommended.
Fin Sep 18, 2015

Fantastic. Helped me work promptly through a list of CSS, JS and PHP issues.
Fin Sep 15, 2015

Excellent support, able to help with all issues. Happy to recommend this great service.
Fin Sep 08, 2015

Excellent and very helpful as ever
Paul Knight Jul 27, 2015

Excellent help as usual. Thank you again.
Sean Whiting Jul 10, 2015

Nikola is great. A tremendous help. Thank you!!!!
Eva May 12, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you again.
Sean Whiting May 12, 2015

Really a skilled Wordpress developer. He knew each single detail and gave very helpful explanations.
Hanspeter Mar 20, 2015

Managed to get much more work done than if i were to continue to do it self-learning style. Nikola worked fast and also patient in his explanation. Thanks!
James Feb 19, 2015

Very helpful; not only does he fix your problem but also happily explains it to you.
Huw Rowlands Feb 18, 2015

Excellent, Nikola was very professional and experienced. I would definitely recommend him and I would personally ask for his help again.
Sean Whiting Feb 05, 2015

great guy!
dan pharo Jan 28, 2015

Nikola was very professional, friendly and knowledgable. I will highly recommend him to anyone else. Thank you
Huw Rowlands Dec 22, 2014

This was a great guy. Very fast and helpful.
landon Nov 18, 2014

I was extremely pleased at how clear he was. We were lucky that the theme supported what i wanted to do, but was thrilled at how quickly and clearly this was handled and explained to me. I would definitely use Nikola again!
Paul Knight Oct 18, 2014

Outstanding! I highly recommend this mentor!
Preston Davis Oct 08, 2014

Excellent! Got My Ridiculous Issue fixed within 10 Min! Very Quick and Efficient! Thank you Nikola Nikolov
Kris Sep 24, 2014

Nikola was great, he is very knowledgeable, patient and diligent. I will definitely work with him again.
Nick Mastromattei Aug 29, 2014

Nikola's knowledge is great! I would recommend him to anyone, if you have any issues I am confident Nikola can help you.
Victor Rivera Aug 02, 2014

Nikola is great! He is very knowledgeable about WordPress and answered all my questions quickly and clearly.
Lei Jul 25, 2014

Nikola really knows his stuff. He is a great Wordpress developer. He helped me figure out badly written legacy custom Wordpress code. Also, he created a development/staging server for me so I could test new code without breaking the live server. For a newbie Wordpress developer like myself, this is a huge help.
Dee Barizo Jul 25, 2014

Great mentor, could answer all of my questions regarding Wordpress and DigitalOcean.
James Jenkins-Yates Jul 24, 2014

Patient and helpful with a very complex issue in Woocommerce!
Tim Jul 21, 2014

He is very patient and helpful. I will schedule sessions with him again.
Lei Jul 18, 2014

Nikola is great! Pleasant, quick, and extremely knowledgeable. :-)
Andrea Ferguson Jul 17, 2014

Awesome... very quick to see what the problem was
Anand Jul 04, 2014

Greatly helpful! We walked through the questions I had and systematically solved all my challenges. Very friendly and very knowledgeable.
Brenden Jun 28, 2014

Very fast and helpful! Thank you so much!
Nicole Jun 02, 2014

Nicola is awesome! We had a few long lasting WooCommerce / WordPress issues that we couldn't solve for many days. I connected with him using the real-time "Connect Now" feature on Codementor and he jumped right in with authority and helped us solve our issues that we were stuck for ages. Thank you Nicola! This is great!
Tony Apr 02, 2014

Great work!
Jonathon Mar 26, 2014

Awesome! Solve my issue very quickly. If you have a issue with wordpress, this mentor is the right one to help. Cannot wait to work with again!
Jonathon Mar 26, 2014

Nikola was quick, friendly and helpful during our session.
Attila Mar 25, 2014

Nikola, was great!
Rocio Mar 21, 2014