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Nishant Kumar

Nishant Kumar

UI Engineering Lead @BigParser.com, Tech Author @Mozila

New Delhi (+05:30)
6+ Years experienced software professional with exposure to multiple programming languages and architectures and experience and understanding of: - Building scalable products and services - Hiring & Mentoring software engineers Technology I have worked on: • Node.js : 4 Year of experience , Build CanMeet.com (Backend on Node) • JavaScript : 6 year of experience • Angular.JS, Backbone.js, jQuery : 4 year of experience • Ionic Framework : 2 year of experience . I love to pair program and ship quality code that's solidly tested. Skills that I'm proficient in and continue to learn with: • Object Oriented JavaScript, jQuery , Ionic Framework • JavaScript Design Pattern, MVC, Client Side Performance Optimization, Node.js, • Angular.js, Backbone.js, Require.js, HTML5 and •Testing Stuff: Jasmine, Karma, GRUNT, bower, yoman, Gulp, Protractor, Mocha, Chai You can know more about me and about my work: • Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishantkumar1 • Github : https://github.com/nishant8BITS • Stack OverFlow : http://stackoverflow.com/users/430803/nishant ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I believe in first deliver work then ask for money, based on this fact If I am unable to help or understand you issue/problem then I won’t entitle to get payment/fee. If I don’t deliver your work, I won’t ask for money, even by mistake I get paid, I will refund you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!
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Thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated!
Micah Dec 08, 2016

Very patient. He was willing to run through everything to implement and debug a feature in angularjs.
Christian Ovid Nov 28, 2016

Fairly resourceful and patient. Good job.
Billy Neagle Nov 18, 2016

He knew, the stuff, was patient, and solved the problem
shameem fairooz Nov 17, 2016

Nishant is very knowledgable and able to troubleshoot promptly. He's helpful, professional, and efficient! Another excellent and productive session with Nishant!!! I'll use his services in the future as well. Thank you!
eva ferenc Nov 16, 2016

Excellent mentor! He really knew what to point out in the code and help me understand it. He was very efficient. I have a much better understanding of my project. He knew how to explain the topic and was able to find errors very fast. Great learning session!!! I will surely look him up next time. Thank you!!!
eva ferenc Nov 16, 2016

Thanks for your efforts in fixing my issue.
Ashwin Yaprala Nov 15, 2016

Nishanth is very good at angular and node. Helped me with the issue at the quickest time. I am glad to work with Nishanth.
Ashwin Yaprala Nov 15, 2016

extremely helpful! he did not charge me and spent 15 minutes debugging an issue with me
Takashi Kuwahara Nov 14, 2016

Very professional with the offline help that he gave me. His price was fair and honest and his solution worked wonders for my app. He knows his JavaScript and isn't afraid to dive into your code and take the time to understand it in order to come up with the best possible solution.
James Nov 13, 2016

Nishant is very determined. If there is a problem, he will keep searching and working until he finds a solution. He's knowledgeable with jQuery and was able to fix my solution and explain to me why I was having the problem as well as why his solution worked.
James Nov 13, 2016

Nisahnt was amazing! He solved the code issue very quickly, and was very helpful.
Aaron Winning Nov 11, 2016

Nishant is very good at explaining new concepts and making them clear. He does not skip over details and asks good questions to help his mentees UNDERSTAND things. I had a great session.
Brad Flora Nov 10, 2016

Great session! I learned about async JS. Nishant showed a very cool example.
Rohit Gupta Nov 16, 2015

Nishant is an awesome mentor. He truly cares that you are learning and in every session I learn something new and important.
Rohit Gupta Oct 02, 2015

Nishant is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He is a great mentor!
Rohit Gupta Sep 25, 2015

Great Session
Avinash Kunaparaju Sep 14, 2015

Great..very fast.
Darryl Sep 10, 2015

Really helpful. Explains in detail and shows you other ways to solve the same problem too
Avinash Kunaparaju Aug 31, 2015

Nishant is a great mentor. He understand how to effectively enhance your skills.
Rohit Gupta Aug 26, 2015

Nishant made himself immediately available and helped me solve my issue within a matter of minutes. Thanks for the help!
Quintin Henry Aug 10, 2015

Nishant was super helpful in helping me to resolve my jquery issue quickly and easily. I would definitely recommend him to others looking for assistance!
Salman Aug 06, 2015

Kumar is great! Easy to talk to and comes up with solutions quickly!
Will Aug 02, 2015

Nishant is awesome! He understood where I am confused and came up with great examples to clarify the topic. I am feeling that I am increasing my skills rapidly with Nishant's help. Thank you!
Rohit Gupta Jul 27, 2015

excellent, quick and precise
Arjun Jul 27, 2015

Had a quick issue I needed guidance on and he sent me a link that solved my problem right away. Thanks !
Quintin Henry Jul 21, 2015

Impressive offline work :)
Jenny Swift Jun 21, 2015

He was great, helped me understand what I needed to do
Jay Jun 19, 2015

This was my first session with Nishant. I found his Indian accent difficult to understand. Hopefully I will get used to it! It feels like we are only just getting started but I am really looking forward to future sessions with him. It's awesome-I have found him to be really quick to respond, eager to help, and generous. I am very excited to have found him.
Jenny Swift Jun 04, 2015