Tim Marshall, Next.js freelance coderView Profile
Tim Marshall
Freelance Next.js developer in San Francisco, United States

Fullstack JavaScript developer

Have built a couple of applications using Next.js, both pure Next apps, and also using Express.
Thomas Greco, Next.js freelance coderView Profile
Thomas Greco5.0
Freelance Next.js developer in New York, United States

Web Application Developer, Teacher

Passionate about modern-day web development. Spend a lot of time working with different technologies, and teaching people how to use them. Focuses include Sass CSS, Responsive Design, JavaScript Application Development, AngularJS & Angular 2.0, EmberJS, and more!
Akshay Patel, Next.js freelance coderView Profile
Akshay Patel
Freelance Next.js developer in South San Francisco, United States

Director of Engineering at Sports Action, Inc.

Former Principal Engineer at Yahoo Sports. Now working on a sports focused start-up in SF. Actively looking for talented sports fans / developers who are passionate about building great products with great people.
Adeniyi Ibraheem, Next.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Adeniyi Ibraheem5.0
Freelance Next.js developer in Lagos, Nigeria

PHP, Javascript, Python, React Developer

Ibraheem is a team player and values quality of work and service more than the time. When not working, I'm most time thinking of better ways to improve the work I have done which is why I can't always answer the question "is their anytime you're not working"
Steven Scaffidi, Next.js software engineerView Profile
Steven Scaffidi
Freelance Next.js developer in Woodland Hills, United States

Full Stack Meteor Developer with 10+ years of Web-based Development Experience

I'm a full stack React/React Native developer living in Los Angeles, CA. By day, I lead of a team of developers at a large e-commerce company. I'd love to share my expertise and passion and help you build something great. I have bachelors in mathematics from Louisiana State University, and an MBA from Tulane University. Coding is my passion, and something you never stop learning. Check out my Github profile for some of my open source projects.
Tony Kovanen, Next.js freelance coderView Profile
Tony Kovanen
Freelance Next.js developer in Helsinki, Finland

True Full-stack developer

Experience with everything from maintaining and designing highly distributed systems in the cloud to databases, web backends and frontends. Even research in machine learning, search engines and artificial intelligence. I've done it all.

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