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Seyithan Teymur

Seyithan Teymur

Designer, Developer, Prostetnic Captain at Brokoli Mobile Software

Istanbul (+03:00)
Developed iOS for 6 years, developed Swift since the inception. Has 3 of the top 10 free news apps in Turkey on App Store and Google Play Store.
C expert help C - 2 years experience
I've created a small handwriting recognition library in C and Objective-C
Java expert help Java - 1 year experience
I've created a small flight reservation system along with it's own database as an Object Oriented Programming final project on Java.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 1 year experience
I've created an image matching library on C++ using OpenCV. I've also created a small game that tracks user's hand and lets the user use a single colored object as a racquet and play ping pong.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I've been version tracking my projects on Git for 7 years.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Seyithan was able to jump right into my code and debug what the issue was and correct it for me. Will be calling him for help again.
brian bischof Jun 27, 2016

Very helpful
Peggy Nov 30, 2015

I will never be able to change my Mentor. There is not a problem he cannot solve. Thank you again!
Peggy Nov 25, 2015

He ıs amazing. Solves every imaginable issue.
Peggy Nov 22, 2015

Best Mentor I have worked with. He got lots on knowledge on Swift syntax, modalClass, Parse(better than me :p ) Would really like to learn debugging from HIM! Thank you.
Arun Annamalai Sep 23, 2015

He was really patıent and solved a lot of bugs for me in a short time. Look forward to work with him again.
Arun Annamalai Sep 21, 2015

I am very happy that I got a session wıth hım! He explained the mıstakes ın my code and corrected ıt by hımself. He has a very good knowledge of Swift. Would look forward to work with him again.
Arun Annamalai Sep 18, 2015

Great Mentor. The best one I have had until now.
Peggy Sep 15, 2015

James Sep 02, 2015

Awesome! Once again Seyithan helped me with my app and explained everything perfectly!!
Solly Faks Sep 02, 2015

Really helpful, stays with you until you fully understand what's going on.
Solly Faks Aug 31, 2015

My app finally looks like an app. After hours and hours of being a mess, Seyithan came in and saved the day. My code is cleaner and my app runs smoother. Thank you!!
Sam Gabbay Aug 30, 2015

Really great. Fixed ALL my problems.
Uri Charles Aug 27, 2015

Excellent mentor, one of the few who knows what he is talking about.
Haider Khan Aug 26, 2015

Yuichi Kato Aug 26, 2015

Awesome mentor, really helpful.
Solly Faks Aug 24, 2015

He did it again, I'm speechless
Henry Li Aug 22, 2015

Great guy, made it work in no time!
Emil Aug 21, 2015

He was fantastıc! I struggled for 2 hours. He solved the problem in 8 minutes.
Yuichi Kato Aug 20, 2015

Great, solved some issues at hand would hire again
Henry Li Aug 20, 2015

Awesome - Yet again. Issue is fixed and problem no longer exists.
Sam Gabbay Aug 18, 2015

So I had an issue and he was basically the only one on here to get it right. I woke up in the morning with some messages from him saying "I think you're app is updating in the background" and low and behold it was! Can't thank him enough for helping me and getting it right. And... Sticking with me until it worked!
Sam Gabbay Aug 18, 2015