Oleg Kurbatov, top Neo4j developerView Profile
Oleg Kurbatov5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Voronezh, Russia

Software developer

Neo4j is a graph database and I like it because graphs allow to solve huge variety of problems in different domains. I used Neo4j to model knowledge base for suggestion engine of online store.
Kees de Kooter, senior Neo4j developerView Profile
Kees de Kooter5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Full stack solution developer

Used Neo4j as database for a network visualization website.
Daniel Vaughan, senior Neo4j developerView Profile
Daniel Vaughan
Freelance Neo4j developer in Exmouth, United Kingdom

Java and Spring Software Development Coach based in Cambridge (UK)

I have been using Neo4j since 2010 when Neo Technologies was a 5 person company. I have used it on several projects but it is more something I dip in and out of these days. I have been to Graph Connect for the last 4 years and a Certified Neo4j Developer.
Pablo Lalloni, top Neo4j developerView Profile
Pablo Lalloni5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Versatile and experienced full-stack software developer. Lots of technologies.

I've designed and implemented a big graph system, from the massive data extraction and importing to graph visualization in web using d3.js.
Pablo Saraiva, top Neo4j developerView Profile
Pablo Saraiva
Freelance Neo4j developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Senior Java Developer. Newbie Codementor

I can help you with Cypher and Neo4j basic configuration. I cannot help you with Neo4j scalability problems.
Somesh Mukherjee, Neo4j dev and freelancerView Profile
Somesh Mukherjee4.9
Freelance Neo4j developer in Bengaluru, India

Code Guru in Rails, Laravel and Jquery

I am a skilled Ruby on Rails developer with experience in various programming languages: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Laravel, jQuery and CSS
Mykola Sedletskyi, Neo4j freelancer and developerView Profile
Mykola Sedletskyi
Freelance Neo4j developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Full Stack Developer

A senior PYTHON/PHP/JS developer with over 10 years experience in a variety of roles from software engineering to team leading. In addition to a technical master’s degree, Mykola has an entrepreneurial spirit having worked in a variety of startups. A self-motivated achiever who constantly strives for improvement, pushing himself to the limits. On top of Mykola’s technical capabilities, he is someone you would enjoy being around and working with on a daily basis.
Dmitry, Neo4j programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Neo4j developer in Berlin, Germany


self supported infrastructure. operations + development + BigData + security
PANOS MATSINOPOULOS, Neo4j consultant and programmerView Profile
Freelance Neo4j developer in Athens, Greece

Full Stack Web Developer

I love software engineering. I am passionate about my job. I find it the most creative job that one could have. After a long software engineering life that started with C/C++, then went to Java and then to .NET Visual Basic/ C#, the last 6.5 years, I have been developing web applications using Ruby on Rails. But this does not mean that I am all Ruby and nothing else. I keep myself in shape for C/C++, Java and Python. And I shouldn't forget my JavaScript skills or my other backend skills like database design, SQL and NoSQL. Nevertheless, while I am putting my hands onto many technical tasks, every day, I am also managing my team with trust, simplicity, honesty, authenticity, learning and empowerment. I am always willing to take new challenges on big projects. My biggest reward is not the mo...
Christian Hein, senior Neo4j developerView Profile
Christian Hein
Freelance Neo4j developer in Pilar, Argentina

Java / Ruby and RoR Developer

Full-stack Web Developer with strong database knowledge, sysadmin skills and the perseverance to learn new technologies as needed to face new challenges.
Alessandro Flati, Neo4j dev and freelancerView Profile
Alessandro Flati5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Rome, Italy

Full stack web developer / Senior Java developer

I am an experienced developer (and mathematician) with almost a decade in the field across many languages, primarily in full stack development for web applications. My specialties are debugging, software design and optimization.
Haris Amin, Neo4j freelance developerView Profile
Haris Amin5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Brooklyn, United States

Technical Cofounder at Glimpse, Senior Software Engineer at Pager

Backend Engineer for over 8 years. iOS engineer for over 3. Full stack experience.
HA, senior Neo4j developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Neo4j developer in Paris, France

DevOps Big Data Microservice and Cloud Expert

I am a devops, microservice, cloud and big data expert, with over a decade in the field, my specialities is devops workflow design and integration, i have a significant experience in building project form scratch from a PoC to production, i've worked for many sectors like banking, energy, financial market, Payment, retails (Amazon) , and real estate
Dylan Bethune-Waddell, Neo4j coder and developerView Profile
Dylan Bethune-Waddell
Freelance Neo4j developer in Toronto, Canada

Bioinformatician / Data Scientist / Backend Developer / DevOps Engineer

I am a research programmer and data analyst at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. I am a commiter and member of the Technical Steering Committee for JanusGraph Distributed Graph Database, an open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology and Molecular Genetics & Microbiology from the University of Toronto. I have a passion for data integration and testing the limitations of bleeding edge frameworks.
Rashif Rahman, top Neo4j developerView Profile
Rashif Rahman5.0
Freelance Neo4j developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Knowledge Engineer

I am a long-time open-source contributor and Linux enthusiast. In the past I spent most of my time staring at a black screen with green text scrolling endlessly for hours and days. I am now fully invested in semantic technologies and this thing called symbolic artificial intelligence (which is basically traditional AI). While I am inclined on scientific research, nothing gives me more satisfaction than leading a technology product from inception to production, more so if that product exploits bleeding-edge technology.

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