Write secure code now

Published Jun 19, 2017
Write secure code now

We live in a day and age when almost every day there is a report of a software security breach. Some have such a worldwide fallout that they make headline news, others are more localised attacks that barely count as news worthy. All of these security breaches started life in mind of a developer, a developer just like you.

Start Today

The best thing you can do, right now today, is to start thinking about security. Go back over the code you just wrote and ask yourself the following question.
Could a clever hacker use my code in a way that is not supposed to work?
This is the starting point, the launch pad, of all software breaches. Imagine yourself as a highly skilled engineer tasked with finding flaws in your application that would make your application do something it is not supposed to. Did you validate the incoming data and objects to your code, and more importantly reject those that didn't positively match what you were expecting. Does your code "fail safe"?.

Whether you work in a multinational corperation or in a rural start up, you can write secure code today. You don't need anyones permission, or an inter departmental project to start. You can start right now.

Once you decide that security will be part of your engineering life there is a large number of free and high quality resources you can find and read that will add a depth to your secure engineering.

Start at the OWASP Top 10
This project is fully mature now and is the perfect place to start a lifelong learning journey in writing secure code. Start your journey today.

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