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Nathan Bruer

Nathan Bruer

Software Engineer at Google

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I am a software engineer at Google on Chrome - Devtools team. I have been working in the field for 10+ years. I wrote, managed and maintained sales system software which handles apx $500,000USD/day worth of sales, along with many other projects.

I will help you become a much better web developer, debugger and profiler [STOP HERE AND READ PROFILE BEFORE CONTINUE]. Although each corse will customized "on the fly" here are the 3 major categories: 1) This corse will teach you the tools needed for the modern web developer. If you know any programming or scripting language but do not use "Service Workers" this corse is for you. [60% of web developers should start here] 2) This corse will focus more on getting the most out of devtools....

Interview prep

Interview prep

$40 - Live Session

I am an engineer at Google and I'll help you land your next job. This corse is designed for new grads and people that want to brush up on computer-science. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW EITHER DEFINITIONS OF "HEAP" IS DO NOT MESSAGE ME! In this corse I will give the corse as if I am giving an interview at Google. You will be timed, you will be given an algorithm question, I will give a Q&A and I will give feedback on what you should focus on. I WILL NOT BE SHOWING MY FACE ON SKYPE/HANGOUTS DUE TO...

Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I don't think I need to put more than I currently work at Google on Devtools for Google Chrome.
Php expert help PHP - 9 years experience
I have been working in PHP for many years. I have written a full sales system for a company which manages: Invoicing, Inventory, Orders, Sales, Customers, Payments, Bills, Returns, Quotes, Auto-Credit Card processing, and much more. This software turned the company paperless and handles apx $500,000USD in sales per day. I have also written an enterprise level shopping cart and a separate Joomla! plugin shopping cart. I even went as far as making extensions to PHP to handle some processes faster.
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
I wrote a private framework in node which helps with MVC structure and routes the data to the proper files. It was developed to be highly scalable and pushed Node to the limit of it's abilities. The framework was used for some management software (was a contract job).
Go expert help Go - 1 year experience
I have recently changed languages to Go and LOVING IT! I will be publishing some open-source work with it soon.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 9 years experience
Most of my database work is done in mysql. I am quite well known amongst my colleagues as being able to make amazing queries. I am very conscious about query speed and performance and proper ways to do things
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
Most of my database work is done in sql languages. I am quite well known amongst my colleagues as being able to make amazing queries. I am very conscious about query speed and performance and proper ways to do things
No icon Regular expressions - 10 years experience
Known among my colleagues as the "RegEx master" because of my ability to do crazy pattern matching with regular expressions.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 9 years experience
I like many primary-developers prefer not to work in HTML/CSS as these are generally for designers, but I am fluent in both and often act as a "go-to" when the designers can't get something to display properly.
C expert help C - 3 years experience
I have written a few extensions to PHP in C and a few other smaller projects, but most of the time I work in Objective-C or C++
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 3 years experience
I have written a C++ bitcoin trading engine, contributor to Chromium, custom FTP client, and a few other minor projects for couple companies.
Ios expert help iOS - 3 years experience
I have written a couple Apps on the app store, one of which works with an external hardware device called the "Linea Pro" which is used for barcode scanning and credit card swiping. I do not do much interface work, instead I focus more on the code itself.
Server expert help Server - 5 years experience
I used to work for a web hosting company, but because they refused to move to the cloud I changed jobs. (the company no longer exists)
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Most of my projects are on git, but sadly most of them are on private repositories. I helped move quite a few projects from SVN to GIT a few years ago.
Perl expert help Perl - 8 years experience
I am a RegEx (Regular Expression) expert. I stopped working in perl years ago, but I can definitely get your RegEx issues fixed!

How to Debug with Chrome DevTools

  Thu, Jul 14, 07:00 PM (PST)
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This engine is designed to handle trades of bitcoin or other currencies.
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HTML JavaScript
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MVC Framework for NodeJS
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Average Rating
(39 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Nathan helped me clean up some old code and rebuild a more efficient system and overcame a bunch of smaller issues I had with the code. Thanks, I'll reach out again when I hit another snag.
Andrew Flippo Nov 18, 2015

This was, by far, one of the best experiences I've ever had. Not only was Nathan super knowledgeable, he was incredibly approachable and made the whole process easy & enjoyable. Codementor is my new god. (Nathan, too!)
Ash Ambirge Nov 12, 2015

In depth look at debugger and events. Learned a ton.
Brian Wilkinson Nov 08, 2015

Nice to work with, fast pace! very happy with work!
Sam Feb 04, 2015

Great services - very knowledgeable.
Famous Sep 03, 2014

Nathan is absolutely fantastic. His passion is infectious and inspiring. His insights and sensitivities into what a I am searching for in terms of career path were illuminating and clarifying. I look forward to working with him on a weekly basis, and highly recommend him to all.
avigreenhut Sep 02, 2014

he dived in and help me right away, we started hacking at the problem together :)
kel knighton Aug 26, 2014

Nathan was great. He was able to quickly narrow down where the issue was and resolve it pretty quickly.
Polished Geek LLC Aug 18, 2014

Nathan is awesome. Provided very valuable feedback. Will be sure to user his mentorship for future issues.
Nik K. Jul 22, 2014

Worked through the issue with me and came up with a solid solution. Also went beyond the initial requirements to point out issues I'll run into at a later point, and provided a fix for them as well. A+
Samir Said Jul 10, 2014

WOW, all I can say is that Nathan has an AMAZING demeanor, is a pleasure to talk to and has a breadth of knowledge I couldn't believe. Although FAR more experienced and skilled than myself he was great at not making me feel small, but had a way of explaining things in a clear, concise, easy to understand way. One of the only mentors who was willing to reach back out to me when I had some general questions vice specific help. I will definitely be back.
Devin Sean Harris Jun 20, 2014

He is sharp!
Mar Jun 10, 2014

Nathan was really helpful in our first session. A+
DT Tamez Jun 04, 2014

I give Nathan high marks. My issue wasn't one of "please help me debug...." instead it was "here's a mockup, I need something built from scratch..." Nathan brought a broad range of skills - Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and Apache/Linux web server knowledge to fill in the gaps where my design fell short. We ended our session with the html and php scripts built from scratch - they will give me a good base to build out the rest of the product.
Bill Jun 04, 2014

Nathan continues to be my go-to. Top notch!
Nate Hindman Jun 03, 2014

Super smart and efficient. Very respectful of time. Highly recommend.
Nate Hindman May 29, 2014

Helpful, friendly, fast and very generative. Had lots of ideas to solve not only the problem I was seeking help for but several related problems too.
James Schaffer May 19, 2014

very knowledgable and patient
Jacob Sherman May 14, 2014

Nathan came in and immediately began to help with my code. The way he went thru and worked on it while communicating to me was really helpful in furthering my knowledge of Javascript as well as Dev Tools. My issue has now been solved and is working perfectly! I would highly recommend working with him on any issues you are facing.
Taylor Black May 07, 2014

Really easy to work with, his expertise went above and beyond what I was expecting.
Max Nelson May 02, 2014

Great work, very quick and solved my problems. Very helpful.
Travis Farnes Apr 29, 2014

Thanks Nathan You exceeded My expectations Once Again!!!
Scott Hause Apr 28, 2014

Very fair and quick!
Charley Hine Apr 14, 2014

Very knowledgeable and helpful
Jacob Sherman Apr 14, 2014

Great mentor. Explained and solved my problem in minutes! Thanks man
baron jon Apr 12, 2014

Nathan was great! Seemed like he had Excellent programming knowledge and could answer any questions you might have.
Scott Hause Apr 08, 2014