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Miguel Palhas

Miguel Palhas

Software Developer at Subvisual

Lisbon (+00:00)
Portuguese, English
I'm a developer and SysAdmin at Subvisual (https://subvisual.co) where I do all from server and DNS configuration to pretty Front-end animations. I'm more interested in Back-end programming, and have a strong background on computer performance, which is something I take very seriously. I've given a few talks at local meetups such as the one founded by my company: Braga.rb (http://www.meetup.com/bragarb/) I'm one of the organizers of RubyConf Portugal (http://rubyconf.pt and http://2014.rubyconf.pt). I also gave some classes at local unversities, as our company was requested to teach a Web Development course, and am now involved in the ongoing Creators School, an 8 week programming course (http://creatorsschool.com/) I'm mainly a Ruby developer at the moment, although I also work with Javascript (both on the front-end and back-end), C#, git, Linux
I can create an up-to-date

I can create an up-to-date

$50 - Delivery in 1 Day

If you're just starting a new project, I can set you up with a Rails app setup to begin with, already set up * Database setup (usually PostgreSQL, but others are possible as well) * Rspec setup, with FactoryGirl & VCR (if needed) * I'll create a Rails app with the most widely used configurations, gems and tools used by the industry. These includes (but is not limited to) RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, authentication with Clearance, Syntax checkers for Ruby, SCSS and JavaScript

Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
Being mainly a Rails developer, I'm quite proficient with Ruby as well. I'm also a big fan of meta programming, and have written a couple of posts on the subject https://subvisual.co/blog/posts/37-random-and-probably-useless-rubyisms
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
It's currently my second language, and one I've used extensively, both on the back-end and the front-end
No icon CSS - 7 years experience
As a full stack developer, I'm used to dealing with all aspects of the front end, front implementation, to styling, responsive design. I have a high regard for website performance Our own website is an example of my work: https://subvisual.co
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
I'm used to using jQuery within web applications, except for projects that use some alternative, more robust framework like Angular.js or Meteor
Devops expert help DevOps - 3 years experience
During my time as SysAdmin of Subvisual, I've relied a lot on Puppet, Shell Scripting and other services such as Travis and Semaphore to achieve a good deploy process in our applications
No icon Shell - 8 years experience
I'm a linux guy. Need I say more?
capistrano3-monit 18   8
Monit integration for Capistrano 3
parallel-sort 7   2
Parallel sorting algorithm implementation in OpenMP and MPI
C++ Shell
capistrano3-env 3   2
Dotenv configuration management for Capistrano
Cesium_Template_PlanoActividades 3   0
Esqueleto Latex e script de criação do Plano de Actividades do Cesium
TeX Perl Shell
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Awesome mentor!
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I've learned a valuable tip from Miguel. Thank you for your help!
Cory Becker May 16, 2016

So far, so good. Miguel really helped me this morning.
Carsten Botts Apr 17, 2016

Very helpful in deployment of app on Heroku. thanks!
Lauren Mendoza Jan 16, 2016

Very Knowledgeable
Jose Sanchez Nov 03, 2015

Solid mentor. Very cool. Very helpful. I would definitely work with him again.
Edward Babbage Oct 30, 2015

great dude, enjoy working with him.
Chris Oct 22, 2015

Very competent and to the point. Looking forward to the future sessions.
Ilya Krasnov Oct 21, 2015

great dude, look forward to working with him again.
Chris Oct 19, 2015

Awesome and quick
John Solamito Oct 16, 2015

Very good job!
Kenny Geiler Oct 13, 2015

Miguel has been a tremondous help to solving my programming woes. If anyone needs help implementing a feature or solving a bug. Miguel is the right person.
Bill Hinostroza Oct 12, 2015

Miguel was very good at explaining things in Ruby and Sinatra. I've never made an app using a Sinatra backend, so Miguel's help was key. I got farther with him in 2 hours than I could have on my own all day.
Eric Fischer Oct 11, 2015

Fast and knowledgeable.
Murilo Oct 11, 2015

Miguel knew exactly how to get me off the mark while working on a problem and solved it.
Stephen Shooster Oct 09, 2015

Miguel is very knowledgable, and a great communicator. Fixed my problem in just a few minutes, and I had been banging my head around it for days!
Adib Oct 08, 2015

Was very helpful, but the problem was too complex to solve.
Dale Salcedo Oct 08, 2015

Awesome help from Miguel! Helped solve my problem quickly.
Jeremy Moore Sep 24, 2015

Very fast at figuring out the problem. Felt like I got a lot for my money!
Gemma Sep 22, 2015

Miguel has the patience of a Saint but is much more skillful with Ruby on Rails.
Stephen Shooster Sep 17, 2015

Miguel was helpful and honest.
Adam Sep 07, 2015

James Sep 03, 2015

Solved my problem instantly!!
Jessica Sep 03, 2015

Great Mentor
James Sep 02, 2015

very effiecient
don mclamb Sep 01, 2015

Miguel is a HERO once again!
Henrik Sep 01, 2015

Legendary code mentor, fixed an issue I've trying so solve all day in 15minutes. Couldn't be happier!
Henrik Aug 31, 2015

Miguel helped me fix an issue with my CSS that I'd been battling for a while and couldn't figure out. He had a lot of experience in the area and knew right where to look. Fixed the problem in less than 15 min and we were done. Awesome work!
Patrick Campbell Aug 27, 2015

very helpful
don mclamb Aug 09, 2015

Great! Very helpful and answered all my questions!
Roland Taracks Aug 09, 2015

Miguel solved my problem almost instantly. The only thing that took time during our session was me explaining the problem. He was fantastic!
Edward Babbage Aug 08, 2015

Miguel helped me finding a good way to solve a performance problem with autocomplete search fields. He showed me different possibilities for solving my problem and I will likely hire him again. Thanks a lot!
Can Edremitoglu Aug 08, 2015

In 30 minutes, Miguel was able to quickly answer a question that I had been sitting on for a day. He was very helpful and provided great advice.
Michael Aug 08, 2015

Great help.
Chris Aug 07, 2015

Miguel has been really helpful
DK Amaravadi Aug 06, 2015