Tibor Fulop, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
Tibor Fulop5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Budapest, Hungary

Coding can be an art!

Being the most popular SQL platform, I use MySQL for all websites and web applications where the product has to be able to run on a shared hosting environment.
James Qualls, MySQL freelance coderView Profile
James Qualls5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Chandler, United States

JavaScript and Node.js Ninja, Python Enthusiast, and Distributed Systems Architect.

MySQL is my database of choice when it comes to building data driven applications. I believe that noSQL databases have their place but when it comes to data that is inherently relational you can't find a better solution. I prefer to focus on developing data models and schemas for storage and leave the scaling to the hardcore dev ops guys.
Moazam, MySQL programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance MySQL developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Expert Full Stack Developer

I have experience in designing complex MySQL databases. I also have experience in tuning slow queries.
John Simons, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
John Simons4.9
Freelance MySQL developer in Eton Wick, United Kingdom

Full stack developer with a focus on javascript based stacks.

Used as a RDBS for many projects. Experience ranges from design to optimization of the structure as well as the parameters of the server itself.
Marek Publicewicz, MySQL freelancer and developerView Profile
Marek Publicewicz5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Warsaw, Poland

Full-stack developer with 18 years of experience, helping US startups full-time since 2005. Refactoring & code simplicity master.

I can do all types of queries, know quite a few things about MySQL internals, usually can find answers to query performance problems. Worked a lot with triggers and stored procedures too.
Drew Taylor, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
Drew Taylor5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Montreal, Canada

Creative scientific-mind | Critical Developer at InfiniteInternet.ca

With a long history in DB heavy inventory management I can help you conquer SQL code safely and prevent site data vulnerabilities
Michael Lungo, top MySQL developerView Profile
Michael Lungo
Freelance MySQL developer in Ashburn, United States

Full Stack Web & Mobile Software Programmer, Consultant

I've been programming since 1997. From PHP to VB to Ruby to Objective C.. I've been around and back again. Now I want to share the absurd amount of learning I've done in that time with you!
Joe Kaire, freelance MySQL programmerView Profile
Joe Kaire5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Miami, United States

Data driven technologist | Web | IoT

Pretty much every application interacts with a database, big or small. And, on many occasions, they are the bottleneck of an application. I have been involved in all the steps of the process, from design to writing queries to investigate and solve speed and data problems.
Sergio Antonio Marquez De Silva, senior MySQL developer for hireView Profile
Sergio Antonio Marquez De Silva4.9
Freelance MySQL developer in Issaquah, United States

Software Engineer, Geek Guru, Full Stack Developer

FullStack Developer, Building responsive sites and native apps for my company and non-profits. PArticipating in programming contest like google code jam, facebook hacker cup
Matthew G., MySQL freelance developerView Profile
Matthew G.5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Pasadena, United States

I use technology to enrich people.

I've used MySQL in production environments, master/master replication setups for high redundancy, and I have used in code very often.
Ben Albaugh, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
Ben Albaugh5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Sugar Grove, United States

WordPress / WooCommerce Expert

Before freelancing I peformed database quality assurance at a national bank, helping accurately move millions of records of critical customer information. Since then I use MySQL almost every day in the context of web applications, WordPress and business reporting.
Seva, top MySQL developer for hireView Profile
Freelance MySQL developer in Minsk, Belarus

Ruby and Javascript expert.

I know and use some stuff like joins, indexes, views and stored queries. However, usually my interaction with MySQL is done via ORM (namely ActiveRecord), although sometimes I write raw SQL.
David F., freelance MySQL developerView Profile
David F.5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Freelance Javascript Engineer

Started to use MySQL together with PHP. I've built a high-traffic website, with around 50k visitors per hour, and managed to optimize the queries to save processing power.
Vasudev Ram, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
Vasudev Ram4.8
Freelance MySQL developer in Chennai, India

15+ years experience as employee/consultant for US/Indian firms; Python, C, Linux, SQL, Web, REST, open source. Made a PDF creation toolkit for Python; Fellow at Python Software Foundation; tech article writer.

Worked on 2 dot-com web projects (which were products, not custom apps for one customer) for 2 US startups that used MySQL with Ruby and Rails. Was server team lead on the 1st product (MangoTasks, for first version) and senior engineer on the 2nd. 2nd product also involved REST calls from Ruby to Yahoo REST Search/Shopping APIs, which I worked on. Mentored junior team members on SQL, Ruby language and Rails model design on both projects.
Mark Tellez, MySQL freelance programmerView Profile
Mark Tellez5.0
Freelance MySQL developer in Tehuacán, Mexico

Expert Programmer of 15+ Years - Rails to React, Webpack and beyond

Relational databases like MySQL and Postgresql where my bread and butter for many years. I think relationally quite easily.

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