Top Senior Mybatis Developers - Dec 2017

Senior Software Developer at SolarWinds

I am full-stack developer focused on software architecture. I am pleased to research new technologies. I have experience with agile development.

Java developer with 8+ years experience

I worked with a wide range of java enterprise level projects in several IT companies. I customized such java opensource projects as Centric CRM, Liferay and Alfresco

I am a programmer with a passion for languages, specially the functional kind. My current language of choice is JavaScript (front-end and back-end) for its lexical scoping and first-class functions. I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my development and deployment process. Specialties include: Front-end JavaScript (React, Angular), Node, Scala. Also not bad with Linux for a Software Engineer - whole development workflow is in a terminal, and I can also do some pretty basic sysadmin stuff.

Software Developer & Entrepreneur

I love to help businesses and young entrepreneurs to create meaningful apps and websites. I sold my first website back in 1998. It is still online and a well-kept secret of mine. Even offering to re-do it for free didn't help to convince my customer to replace it. Since then I have worked as backend engineer for financial systems, team leader for medical devices and project manager for the paper industry. Today I am focussing on high-speed websites with a lot of traffic. And I love to consult people who just get started. For me, this diversity means a lot of fun, and I can learn something new every day - not to mention the tons of great people I met. We developers often forget that it is not only the skills that define us. It is also the people who helped us developing these skills. We can start with almost everything from a good book, but the essential things are still taught by real people with whom you work. I owe a lot to my colleagues at "The Apache Software Foundation"​. It is a legendary non-profit Open Source Foundation which runs a lot more than a hundred of projects. Many of them are impressive, and some can be considered the backbone of today's Internet. I have dedicated a lot of time there to learn and code. So I got involved in projects like Apache Log4j and Apache Struts. I even did something for the famous Apache OpenOffice, even when it was not coding related. Today I solve a lot of my problems with Java, PHP, JavaScript and specifically AngularJS. Of course, HTML5 and CSS is a must. In my little spare time, I practice Zen meditation and play the Zen-Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). And by night, I write books and blog posts. And here comes the interesting part of my life: I married a fantastic woman, and I am the father of a great boy. On top of the luck I already have, we also have an awesome horse. If you would like to read more about who am I and what I am doing, please check out my website over at

Java / Scala help

I can help with anything Java / Scala!

I am a Computer Software Application Architect for a large corporation in Miami. I've been working as a programmer/analyst since 1998 doing web development and Java development. So, I know my stuff. I have tutored friends who were taking Computer Science classes at Florida International University (FIU) and University of Miami (UM). I enjoy learning and sharing/teaching what I have learned and have mastered over the years. I go BEYOND what is taught in school and into the realm of practicality. My hobbies and interests are wide ranging: - Working towards obtaining my private pilot (flying) certificate. - I am a member of the Civil Air Patrol which is the US Air Force (USAF) auxiliary unit whose mission is to educate the public and its members on aeronautical topics, to train and mentor cadets (teenagers) and to serve in times of emergencies whether it be search & rescue, aerial reconnaissance, transportation and various other types of missions. - I teach Salsa dancing at the University of Miami's SalsaCraze student club. - I enjoy SCUBA diving and various other sports and activities such as biking, camping, rock climbing. There's no much I will not try.

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