How I learned Java

Published Feb 14, 2018
How I learned Java

About me

My name is Murtala Ali. I studied Electronics and Telecommunication in my first degree. While I was in school, I cherished Mathematics and every course related to calculations.

After my graduation year, I started learning the Visual Basic programming language (VB.NET). After a year, I designed and developed a calculator for basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and later learned C#.NET.

Why I wanted to learn Java

Cross-platform development was the talk of the day among my friends, so I dived into research on programming languages that serve cross-platform development. After some time, I discovered the Java programming language and began to study Java.

How I approached learning Java

Due to many resources about Java on the internet, I was able to start with the fundamentals of Java programming using How to Program 8th Edition and YouTube videos.

The approach I used was to find similarities between my previous knowledge in C#.NET and new knowledge in Java. I began to use the similarities between the two languages to understand the fundamentals of Java, such as: variables declaration, initialization, classes, class members or properties, methods and constructors.

The process I employed in learning Java is that I studied a topic, say a variable declaration and initialization thoroughly, compared it with my previous understanding in C#.NET, and then practiced and practiced by writing some source codes about the topic.

Challenges I faced

What I found very difficult when I started learning Java programmming was that it took me few weeks to get used to Java naming conversions, such as: variable, class, and method names. After I got accustomed to the naming conversions, I began to study source codes written by other Java programmers. Similarly, the major roadblock I had was that I never had a mentor when I started learning Java, but had to continue with lots of patience.

Key takeaways

Some key learning tips from the process I explored is for an individual who wants to master a concept, technology, or any subject matter, should segment the concept into smaller similar groups, study each group thoroughly, and compare the concept with something familiar to him. Then, practice recalling the concept without referring to the original material. Likewise, I always enjoy practicing my knowledge about new concepts in Java.

Tips and advice

My advice to other developers who want to learn the Java programming language is to always start simple, practice a lot, and exercise lots of patience.

Final thoughts and next steps

The basic process I explaned here is applicable to any subject and it makes a learner very active while learning.

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