Sven Neumann, Multiplayer freelance coderView Profile
Sven Neumann5.0
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Gzira, Malta

I approach programming with passion and curiosity

I've always loved working with networking and distributed communications. Some of my earliest code was the implementation of a web server and scripting language, long before I even knew of such luxuries as Apache or PHP.
Bhavisha Bhogayata, Multiplayer software engineer and devView Profile
Bhavisha Bhogayata
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Pune, India

Unity Game Developer having experience of developing games with C# and JavaScript.

Unity Developer with strong knowledge of making games in Unity 2D as well Unity 3D. Developing games for multiple platforms like android,iOS,windows,mac,web .
Kunwar, Multiplayer programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Ghaziabad, India

Full Stack Developer, Jack of all trades developer. Games, Websites, Apps! Unity3D, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Databases C/C++, C#, Android, Windows Phone Apps

I have keen interest in programming,algorithms and software development. I love to learn new technologies and build something new and different.
Pranshu Khanna, senior Multiplayer developerView Profile
Pranshu Khanna4.7
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Delhi, India

Unity3D | C# | C++ | Java | HTML/CSS | JS | Android

I'm a Game developer with experience in Unity3D and you can approach me anytime you need any help related to Game Development(Gameplay, AI, Multiplayer, UI etc). I have experience in HTML/CSS and android app development
Keith, senior Multiplayer developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Bristol, United Kingdom

Expert web developer with strong focus on Ruby, Rails, Elixir and Phoenix

I consider myself an expert web programmer. By that I mean I have used a vast array of web technologies since 1998 when I first started building things on the internet. Some things, like Ruby, I know inside out. Others, like Javascript, I've had a long term arms length relationship. I have been writing Object Oriented architecture for over 10 years and I'm now learning Functional programming. It is a lifetime passion learning to writing better software, and I particularly enjoy sharing and helping other people. I understand how daunting it can be to meet up with a mentor, as I've uniquely used this codementor as a mentee just like you, so that I can understand what it feels like. I will do my absolute best to make you feel comfortable and together we will work through your request ...
Maarten Bicknese, Multiplayer dev and freelancerView Profile
Maarten Bicknese
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Engineer

I am a senior engineer specialised in web development and loving to do more game jobs. In short I like building experiences and strong applications.
Tennyson Holloway, Multiplayer freelancer and developerView Profile
Tennyson Holloway
Freelance Multiplayer developer in La Jolla, United States

Full-stack generalist with a wide knowledge of software and libraries

Hello! I'm a Math-CS student at the University of California in San Diego. I'm heavily involved in our on campus radio station, where I manage the technical infrastructure and create open source software that runs the station. My hobbies include creating Minecraft mods, and tinkering with the latest web technologies, such as the Web Audio API and WebGL.
David da Silva, senior Multiplayer developerView Profile
David da Silva
Freelance Multiplayer developer in Tottenham, United Kingdom

JavaScript developer. mocha.js and mustache.js maintainer.

Andrew Starnes, senior Multiplayer developerView Profile
Andrew Starnes
Lead Developer of Blue Omega LTD (Creators of Horse Academy and Social Titans, creators of the mobile app "Terra Monsters"

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