Doug Gale, freelance Multi threading programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in Toronto, Canada
Experience with C++11 concurrency, and pthreads and Win32 threads.
Nigel Henshaw, top Multi threading developerHire Now
Nigel Henshaw5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in Tokyo, Japan

Providing quality value packed android support.

Hi I'm Nigel the creater of the popular youtube channel I'm passionate about mobile development with android in particular. And enjoy working and helping out people with services ranging from mentoring and training for beginners to app debugging, code reviews and performance optimisations for the more experienced developer. You can check out more of my work here and then contact me, I'm always happy to help out.
Jonathan Mist, top Multi threading developerHire Now
Jonathan Mist5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in Farnborough, United Kingdom

Software Architect and Tutor - Multi stack

As a hands-on Software Architect I enjoy the challenge of solving new problems, whether in design, development, debug or test. I have many years of experience designing software, leading teams and producing working solutions. I am continually adding to my skills, learning about new technologies. Throughout my career I have mentored both junior and senior developers in a wide range of coding scenarios, from optimised embedded code to object-oriented and scripted languages.
Abhishek Sen, Multi threading freelance coderHire Now
Abhishek Sen
Freelance Multi threading developer in Deptford, United Kingdom

Founder @ NumberEight

Interests: Context aware technologies for mobile devices, advertising, AI/machine learning, design. Currently the founder of NumberEight where we use the sensors in your smartphone/watch (activity, location, brightness, accelerometer) etc. to develop interesting applications.
Mustafa Gamal, top Multi threading developerHire Now
Mustafa Gamal
Freelance Multi threading developer in Cairo, Egypt

Software Engineer, Research and Development

Works as a Consultant and a Research Engineer in the R&D department for SECC(Software Engineering Competence Center) with 15+ years of experience in Software Industry, 7+ years of them sharing in leadership and strategic positions. He provides consultation to organizations on how to maintain a strong Software Architecture that supports Business Agility. He helped to shape strategies for organizations in the software industry and international NGOs. He provided consultations to startups to model their business and construct their business plans locally and internationally. During his experience as a teaching assistant, he guided many students in finding innovative business ideas that turned to be successful startups later on. Mustafa has a strong experience in Lean Management using Agile Me...
Ling Dye, freelance Multi threading developerHire Now
Ling Dye
Freelance Multi threading developer in Chongqing, China

Java Developer

Capable of object-oriented design and development, familiar with design patterns. Skilled in Java, database schema design, SQL, full text search, XSLT and Linux commands. Good at Agile project management with Scrum and Kanban.
Prashanth S, Multi threading freelance programmerHire Now
Prashanth S5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Developer for past 3+ years, still counting

Hi, I am a software developer with experience in large scale applications. Expertise include on building end to end application (front end and backend). Love to share my knowledge with others and believer of mutual learning.
Sunil Guttula, top Multi threading developerHire Now
Sunil Guttula
Freelance Multi threading developer in Bengaluru, India

Software Architect & Developer

A quote to summarize my experience and expertise "I love software, because if you can imagine something, you can build it." - Ray Ozzie. My primary expertise is in understanding customers and their business, and designing technology solutions aligned to their business and revenue goals. Specifically, my experience covers the areas of product management and product development. I developed software for large enterprises to startups, on as/400 systems in mid 90s to the current web, mobile and big data technologies; I co-founded a big data product startup as well.
Reed Copsey, Jr., Multi threading dev and freelancerHire Now
Reed Copsey, Jr.5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in Bellingham, United States
Reed Copsey, Jr. has been a Microsoft Visual C# MVP since 2010. He has a small ISV which creates scientific software geared towards the earth sciences. As such, he has a lot of experience with parallelism and concurrency, optimization and profiling, and low level debugging, as well as a deep technical knowledge of C# and the .NET Framework.
Shikhill Gupta, senior Multi threading developerHire Now
Shikhill Gupta4.8
Freelance Multi threading developer in Bengaluru, India

Software Development Engineer @

Sharp, Top-Producing Software Developer with around 3 year's experience involves programming expertise. Technical Skills Tools: Visual Studio 2013, Eclipse, SQL Server 2012 Languages: C#, C, C++ ,Python, Java, HTML, CSS, XML Scripting Languages : javascript , JQuery, Sound Knowledge On: Dot Net Framework, Socket Programming, Windows Services like WCF Services, Web Based Application , Web-Services like REST API's, MVC, Adobe Flash, Database Tuning, Object oriented concepts, Algorithms, Data Structures, N-tier architecture.
Min Zhou, freelance Multi threading developerHire Now
Min Zhou5.0
Freelance Multi threading developer in San Jose, United States
Over 1 decade of java programming experience on networking, database and distributed systems like Hadoop, Hive, Pig.
Dusan Lilic, Multi threading freelance programmerHire Now
Dusan Lilic
Freelance Multi threading developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Freelance consultant and software engineer

Addicted to startup culture and cutting edge technology. I specialize in web technologies, from engaging web and mobile applications to robust and scalable backends and APIs. Also an open source contributor and occasional speaker at local developer conferences and meetups.
Charalampos Karypidis, Multi threading coder and developerHire Now
Charalampos Karypidis
Freelance Multi threading developer in Brussels, Belgium

JavaScript - Reactjs Software engineer - Freelancer at European Commission

I am a software engineer who strongly believes that there is plenty of room to improve himself. Working with people that are really smart and top professionals in their sector is one way to achieve that. Additionally to this I am trying to follow technology trends and latest software development practices by reading technical books and technology related blogs. I definitely enjoy working in software development sector as it is evolving constantly and quite fast. As a result I have the opportunity to influence this evolution by bringing new ideas into the field and try to apply them. Moreover, I feel really satisfied by giving simple but elegant solutions to complex problems. Since I started my professional career I have been working with Microsoft technologies and mostly in enterpris...
Sohrab, Multi threading programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Multi threading developer in Montreal, Canada

Senior iOS Developer

A seasoned iOS Developer with more than 4 years of native iOS application development experience with Xcode on Mac OS X platform. Passionate in and experienced with clients from different industries to help them grow their business or solve their problems using up-to-date technology. A competitive team player who is reliable and cooperative, willing and ability to learn quickly in a dynamic and changing environment.
Sundeep, Multi threading developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Multi threading developer in Prague, Czechia

Code to learn and learn to code

I mainly work with Java at work. Off work, I play with javascript, python and have fun with Android, d3 and elastic recently.

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