How and why I built Wall 4 All

Published Jul 26, 2017
How and why I built Wall 4 All

Who am I ?

I am Mudassar Majeed, very enthusiastic, energetic and ethical software developer. The goal of my ICT life is to bring a change in people's life. I want to use my expertise and skills to solve social problems.

The problem I wanted to solve

I think the main pillers of any society is the economy. The people morals, education, and caliber can be upgraded if their basic needs are fulfilled. But most of the lower middle class people are hard working and they are living hand to mouth. I created a system that will reuse the surfing time that everyone spends on the internet (mostly enjoying Youtube videos and Facebook) and converts that time into extra money. This will add up a revenue stream for them and will help them to resolve their financial issues to some extent.

What is Wall 4 All?

Wall 4 all is a wall ( for all. There are two purposes for it, one is to socialize and share posts will all Facebook users and second is to share videos there to earn money. Please refer to the website to see how it works.

Tech stack

The process of building Wall 4 All.

I have used Facebook APIs for login, sharing, and comments.
Used bootstrap for creating the landing page.
Use a brick library to create the posts (that adjust them according to the page).
Created the server side in PHP.
Using Google adsense and Analytics for monitoring traffic and revenue.
Created chrome extension for sharing videos from Youtube and Facebook to the wall and back to Facebook. It looks like the user is sharing videos on Facebook (as he/she usually do), but internally it shares on this wall as well and clicking on the video on facebook (uniquely) will give few cents to the user who shared the video.
Created the animated show of advertisements that user can freely post.
Created a page for global chatting of all Facebook users.

Challenges I faced

To make everything work as expected.
Facebook API
Google Adsense
Global chatting
Modeling of revenue and cost so that it benefits me as well as the users.

Key learnings

Domains/Hosting management, DNS, Google Adsense, Global chatting, business modeling, Facebook API, these all were my experiences and learning. I also learned how to market a new product/service.

Tips and advice

  • Go to the customer evaluation in early phase of incubation
  • See what clients and customers love to have.
  • Have patience and keep on hard working even in the beginning your friends laugh on your ideas.
  • Be consistent on your thoughts and ideas behind the product/service and find loopholes and shortcomings in the early stages.

Final thoughts and next steps

I will make this a reality and will let the people change their life using this system. I will finish the remaining functionality, will try to reach more people for more input and will make many things automated in it so that people feel ease and reliability using this service.

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