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Ochuko , Ms sql developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A Persistent Person

i conduct software development utilizing Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, as well as other Microsoft-oriented platforms, tools and technologies.Extensive experience in SQL Server Database design, Database maintenance, developing T-SQLqueries, stored procedures, and triggers using SQL Server 2000
Wale Onawunmi, top Ms sql developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Creative. Fast. Concise. Smart. Problem-solver.

Experience in writing stored procedures, sub-queries, database management (backup, restore, security) and optimization (performance tuning, indexing)
Amulya Bandikatla, Ms sql freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Hyderabad, India

Full Stack Developer / Designer

Have experience in designing the schemas, indices and tuning the MS Sql server params to achieve better performance for various applications.
Richard Seese, top Ms sql developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Hot Springs, United States

Web and Software Developer with several long term projects under my belt

Hello! With over 15 years of experience programming in over 14 languages, I'd be happy to mentor, help, and be available for freelance work. I design websites and software solutions for my many clients and I enjoy helping others learn the joys of programming. Not all my expertise are listed, only the ones I feel comfortable helping anyone with. My rates are low because I want you to get more bang for your buck and consider calling on me whenever you need help.
Flavio Wuensche, Ms sql software engineerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rails Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Anthony, Ms sql developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Goldsboro, United States

Senior Web Developer

Web Developer with 12 years experience developing leading edge technologies in .Net C#, MVC and javascript. I am a quick learner, Great Debugger on most situations, self motivated and flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects. Passionate about projects that seem difficult and want to achieve a certain goal higher than most. Debugging is a great know how to do. You cannot learn if you do not make mistakes or have been corrected. I allow myself to be corrected or critique. You could never stop learning until you just do not want to learn anymore.
techstar, freelance Ms sql developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Mumbai, India

C# developer with 5 years of work ex

Developing web based application since last 5 year.Interested in designing application with optimized use of available tech stacks, as well as apply those and real life experience to help out friends, colleagues,communities such as here or other forums.
Vasili Sviridov, Ms sql software engineerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Mililani Town, United States

CTO at Inc.

I'm working on all sorts of interesting stuff. Process optimization, infrastructure automation, full stack development. Writing lots of JavaScript, both server and client side. Playing around with things like ReactJS. An aspiring vim user. Currently looking into things like Solr, Elastic Search, InfluxDB. Curious about functional languages, like Erlang, Haskell. I think that CSP is cool, but have not had time to read RnRS and CLHS yet. Scala, Go, and Rust look interesting to me. Would like to try myself with AWS or any other cloud. I run my own server infrastructure. Avid linux user since 2000. I attend all sorts of meetups in Greater Vancouver area, so catch me there. Started TA-ing recently with folks at Lighthouse Labs. Great vibes. I love teaching people everything I know.
Muhammad Abid, top Ms sql developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Perth, Australia

Technical Lead - Java , Grails

Grails, AngularJS, JSP, Eclipse 3.2, Ruby on Rails, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, My SQL, HSQL DB, Oracle, Corel Draw 9.0, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia Flash MX, Swish MX, Internet Information Server (IIS), Tomcat/Apache web server, JBOSS 4.0 and Strong UML Concepts • Grails with Groovy and Java • AngularJS, RequireJS, JQuery , HTML5 • Strong concepts of GWT/GAE, Smart GWT. • Experience with different J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, DAO, Data Transfer Object, Session Façade, Template, Service Locator, and Singleton. • Experience in XML with Java using DOM and JDOM. • Experience in SQL (Structured Query Language). • Experience in Enterprise Java Beans. • Experience in web designing using HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript. • Experience of da...
Artur Schulz, Ms sql freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Vienna, Austria

Senior Developer with 8+ Years of experience

Hello, my name is Artur and I have 6 years of developement knowlegde in C# with Visual Studio.
Chris Busse, Ms sql freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Richmond, United States

Digital Strategist currently focused on FinTech, APIs, and developer culture

The common theme in my work is the intersection of people and technology, and how people use technology in their lives. Currently, that has me exploring a lot of aspects around how developers can help people better relate to money, finance, and host of related things as a Digital Product Manager on the API Platform team at a Fortune 500 bank that thinks of itself as a software company.
Ryan Mann, freelance Ms sql programmerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Ashburn, United States

.Net Tech Stack Mentor - Full stack Web Development

Joseph Duncan, top Ms sql developerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Conway, United States

Programmer | Leader | Father

A well experienced programmer of many languages. I tend to enjoy solving challenges, and making use of turn key technologies. One of my favorite projects has been creating a behavioral algorithm for detecting fraud for online transactions and activity. I have been in the coding industry for over 15 years and have worked with a myriad of technologies including: unix, windows, php, nodejs, mongodb, mssql, .net, c#, java, and a lot more. I am always up to work on an open source project, so if you have an idea then hit me up.
Vancho Dimitrov, Ms sql software engineerHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Prsovce, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Senior Software Engineer

I have been doing software engineering since 2002. My software engineering forte is in the .NET technology or c#, ASP.NET Web Forms, Windows Forms, MS SQL, T-SQL. I have been involved with major projects from start to completion for some big companies around the world. If you have a project to discuss, I'd be more than happy to step in for you.
Mr Asfandyar, Ms sql freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Ms sql developer in Peshawar, Pakistan

I am full time Freelancer and Programmer

1.worked with pasha software house for 6 months. 2.Continuously enhancing Expertise for new Technologies and Advances in IT Industry. 3.worked as a programming lab instructor in National University of computer and emerging sciences. 4.Already working as a freelancer since last 3 years

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