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Jorge Vazquez

Jorge Vazquez

Technologist with 20+ years of experience

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Spanish, English
Need help with AWS? I am your guy. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, flexible, and extremely generous with my time. I am a trained Electronics Engineer who learned how to be a great Systems and Networking engineer, web developer, and now DevOps engineer. My background has allowed me to amass a very unique understanding of computer systems with both depth and breadth in the subject matter. I have mentored many junior developers and engineers throughout the years who have gone on to becoming great at what they do. And that is why I do this in the first place. I want to help you succeed.
AWS Setup

AWS Setup

$240 - Live Session

I will teach you how to setup AWS using best practices so that you and your team can make the most out of the platform with as little hassle as possible. I will also show you the most common mistakes that newcomers to the AWS platform make and how to avoid them.

Any CMS on AWS

Any CMS on AWS

$170 - Live Session

Over the course of two hours, I will show you how to install the CMS of your choice on LAMP or LEMP. Once everything is all setup, I will show you how to package your AMI so that you can make your deployment scalable with ease.

Amazon expert help AWS - 10 years experience
I can help you with any of these AWS services: - AWS EC2 - AWS ECS - AWS VPC - AWS ELB - AWS S3 - AWS Glacier - AWS EBS - AWS Storage Gateway - AWS CloudFront - AWS RDS - AWS Aurora - AWS RedShift - AWS ElastiCache - AWS Route53 - AWS Directory Service - AWS IAM - AWS CloudTrail - AWS Config - AWS OpsWorks - AWS CloudWatch - AWS Workspaces - AWS DynamoDB If an AWS service is not listed above, I have no experience working with it. However, if you give me an opportunity to help, I can always find a way to deliver results. My reviews don't lie. I am confident I can find a solution to your problem.
Server expert help Server - 18 years experience
I have been working with Red Hat and Debian based Linux distributions for the past 13 years in addition to more than 20 years of Windows server administration experience in heterogeneous, mission-critical environments. I can assist with any server-related issue and I can address any problems you may be having installing or configuring any server application quickly and effectively.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 20 years experience
I have worked with HTML and CSS ever since the Internet arrived. I have designed many, many sites. I currently administer at least 10 for various clients. I am OK with JavaScript and PHP.
Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
I can help you install Wordpress. I can also help you move your Wordpress site from one hosting provider to another. I can help you install and remove plugins. I can also help you install, customize, and troubleshoot any plugins or themes. I can also help you with general day-to-day maintenance and show you how to work Wordpress in general.
No icon Joomla 3 - 12 years experience
Technically, the 12 years experience I have working with Joomla includes all versions. I can help you install Joomla on your own server or on AWS. I can help you figure out why components, modules, and plugins are not working. I can develop modules and plugins or modify existing ones to suit your needs.
BuzzsArduinoCode 0   0
Buzzs collection of Arduino "Scripts", code, samples, and stuff.
C Arduino
Coda-Plugins 0   0
Free Coda 2 Plug-ins
Coda-WordPress-Mode 0   0
WordPress auto-complete for Coda 2.
imu_autopilot 0   0
Autopilot software used on the PIXHAWK Inertial Measurement Unit (pxIMU)
C C++ Assembly Makefile Batchfile Objective-C
VMeter 0   0
VMeter Touch Music Controller and Display Source Software and Hardware
C C++ Max KiCad Python Assembly Makefile JavaScript Processing Objective-C
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
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Helpful, honest, and responsive!
Tae Lim Dec 09, 2016

Wow! Amazing mentor. Highly knowledgeable, skilled and patient. He was able to help me very quickly with my Angular App integrating with WordPress. Also a very nice guy. I'll be using his services again in the future.
Gavriel Dec 08, 2016

Jorge was very knowledgeable about AWS. He helped me resolve a port not being open. It was really strange because we had changed all the security groups and the port still was not open. Then he identified the problem: Apache was not binding to the port. This made me realize that I needed to edit ports.conf, and opened the port to fix the problem
PG Preibisch Nov 22, 2016

Walked me through all my AWS problems and was very fun and easy to work with.
Mark Pfeffer Oct 17, 2016

Very knowledgable in AWS.
Adam Ghani Jun 03, 2016

Jorge was a huge help to me. He worked through my DNS/Email issue as quickly as I imagine it could've been.
Brett May 30, 2016