John Simons, Mqtt freelance programmerHire Now
John Simons4.9
Freelance Mqtt developer in Eton Wick, United Kingdom

Full stack developer with a focus on javascript based stacks.

Used as a high performance messaging bus between several back-end services as well as in some custom IoT projects.
Chris Gunawardena, Mqtt freelancer and developerHire Now
Chris Gunawardena
Freelance Mqtt developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fullstack technical lead / architect

10+ years experience working in Australia and Netherlands on large commercial projects. (IBM/Accenture/RMIT University/Paddypower Betfair
Deividi Silva, top Mqtt developerHire Now
Deividi Silva
Freelance Mqtt developer in Joinville, Brazil

Software Engineer, Certified Scrum Master

Certified AWS Developer. Certified ScrumMaster trained by coach Mike Cohn, in Sunnyvale-CA. Currently working as product owner and cloud specialist. Full stack web developer and systems architect. Post graduated in Software Engineering and Architecture by Estácio de Sá University. Bachelor in Computer Science by the Santa Catarina State University – UDESC Has great knowledge on agile methodologies and enjoys working in group and collaborating with other teams. Fluent in English and with advanced level Spanish.
Kevin Sidwar, Mqtt freelance coderHire Now
Kevin Sidwar
Freelance Mqtt developer in Eagle Mountain, United States

IoT Maker

I am an experienced Maker that loves helping other people with their prototyping projects. My specialties include rapid prototyping using off the shelf hardware platforms and components. I am comfortable writing firmware in C++ as well as higher level languages like Python and Node on platforms such as the Raspberry Pi. I love digging through datasheets to get 3rd party sensors and components up and running with example code and schematics.
Anthony Muisyo, senior Mqtt developerHire Now
Anthony Muisyo5.0
Freelance Mqtt developer in Nairobi, Kenya

Node.js, Arduino and everything in between.

Back-end developer with my weapon of choice being Node.js. Maker, with a few years experience in building Arduino systems. Combining the power of Node.js and electronics using the Raspberry Pi seems to give me quite the satisfaction. I take pride in learning from teaching and helping fellow developers. I believe this is how one grows. Ping me! NOTE: Upon contacting me, I will ask you a few questions to determine if I am able to help you. I will not take-up a session if I can't solve your problem.
Md Samiul Alim Sakib, Mqtt programmer and consultantHire Now
Md Samiul Alim Sakib
Freelance Mqtt developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer having 5+ years professional android & backend application development experience with Java & Kotlin. Beside I love to play with Erlang. I have experience developing messaging application (Audio, Video, Text) using XMPP & WebRTC protocol, Data driven apps. I use JavaEE & Play Framework 2 for backend development using Java. Experienced on Kotlin side by side Java for android application development.I use SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Sqlite, Riak to store data. Besides I am experienced with MQTT for IOT. I follow Agile Development methodology for software development.
Man Vuong Ha Thanh, Mqtt software engineer and devHire Now
Man Vuong Ha Thanh
Freelance Mqtt developer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Backend Lead at MySQUAR

About Man -------------- He started his professional career since 2012 and has been spending most of time on backend/server-side engineering, to be behind the scene of everything. He loves building high quality system and products to serve a lot of people and to enrich their lives. His expertise is Ruby / Ruby on Rails (RoR), he also has general knowledge about different kinds of technologies and platforms, such as iOS, Android, .NET, Java, Python, etc. Honest, diligent, well-adapted to changes, and a fan of minimalism, he can make things different and sometimes very crazy.

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