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Maurits Lamers, senior Moodle developerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in The Hague, Netherlands
I have experience installing and maintaining Moodle in the education I work in (around 250 students), both as a user and as an admin, as well as supporting colleagues using it. I am also working as a consultant for organizations who want to start using Moodle.
Amy Groshek, Moodle freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Madison, United States

Front-End Developer, Moodle Developer, SCORM Developer

Have a gorgeous Moodle theme design you need realized? Have a brilliant idea for a new Moodle plugin, or a buggy old plugin that needs maintenance? Need something updated for Boost or PHP7? * 8 years of experience as a Moodle theme developer * 6 years of experience as a Moodle plugin developer * Specializing in front-end development including atto plugins, filters, and themes * AMD / grunt build process * Behat and PHPUnit automated testing * vagrant and VirtualBox to mimic your production environment as closely as possible
Frédéric Massart, Moodle dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Perth, Australia

Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer

I worked as a Senior Software Developer for Moodle Headquarters.
J Phani Mahesh, senior Moodle developerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Hyderabad, India

Polyglot Developer with a diverse skillset.

Setup moodle for my alma mater - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and maintained it for 2 years. Introduced online examinations on Moodle to IITD. Remotely assisting with maintenance since May 2015.
Adekunle Oyaniyi, Moodle dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Ashburn, United States

Solution Developer, Consultant, Software Engineer, Tutor

Adekunle graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His experience involves writing, testing and deployment of desktop, mobile and web applications across different domain and industries. Adekunle majors in the development of both front and backend technologies that drive enterprise solutions. He also has a great working knowledge of Robotic Process Automation using Blue Prism, Salesforce, ETL, Reporting and Database systems which include Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and has programmed against the aforementioned extensively. Adekunle has developed and deployed enterprise applications to Private, Public and Government sector to run their day to day activities and operation among few. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Mi...
Nicolas Casel, top Moodle developerHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Brussels, Belgium

IT Consultant at Cronos International

Administration Content delivery / production
Jason Fowler, Moodle freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Moodle developer in Perth, Australia

Full Stack Developer

I love code. Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat. I picked up my first language - Sinclair Basic - when I was 7, moved on to Pascal, Visual Basic, and C before I finished Highschool. Then I got online. I shifted focus and started delving in to HTML, Javascript, and Perl. PHP was re-released as more than just a library of scripts, CSS became this crazy new thing, and the web was exciting. The DotCom bubble was buiilding. New technologies were emerging. I was hooked. First as a freelancer, later as a full time developer for large companies, I worked as a web developer, primarily focused on PHP, but also working in Ruby, Python, C# and Java. Now, I feel I have reached a point where I can help others follow the same exciting journey I did.

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