Top Senior Moment Developers - Dec 2017

I began as a self taught programmer, where I learned the art of debugging. When I finally made my way into school at the University of Utah, it didn't take much for me to refine the finer art of computer science methodologies. I have been working professionally now for over 7 years. Throughout that time I have contributed to many OSS projects including FubuMVC, Ripple, React-Bootstrap, Karma, and Selenium, I have also championed other OSS projects.

I currently work as a full-stack sotware engineer using technologies such as ES6/ReactJS/Redux/Cordova/Electron/D3Js and Vanilla OOP for the front-end while I utilize NodeJS v4/6 for the back-end partof my applications. I wrote my first lines of code by the age on 9 on an old IBM-4.77Mhz IBM box running BASICA from EPROM. I have written many applications in statically typed languages such as C/C++ and Delphi and moved gradually and refactored several apps to PHP OOP/Javascript in 2004-2005. In 2007 I wrote my first SPA application which is still active but no longer actively maintained and can be found at In 2013 I realized that the future relies in the front-end and started exploring frameworks and developing applications such as KnockoutJS/Angular/Handlebars etc. Finally in 2015 due to Angular's version change, backward compatibility issues and strategic decision making I started working with ReactJS which I think is an extremely powerful library for handling the UI. When developing an application either being part of a team, leading one, or alone, I always use Agile/Scrum methodologies. I test my applications using TDD/BDD using Cucumber/Mocha and ShouldJS. I am actively seeking a position as a Senior Front-End Software Engineer since I am extremely passionate about Javascript and I believe its where the future resides. I acquired both my my BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Data Communication Systems where acquired at Brunel University/London. After my return to Greece I worked as a Senior Telecomm Enginner for Novabank SA (2000-2001), an IT manager for Gorgolis SA (2001-2003). I co-founded in 2011 that was terminated in 2015 due to very heavy taxation and real estate market collapse. On my spare time I experiment on new technologies and try to research the best tools available for the job. I continue refactoring and extending my existing applications using ES5/6, and ReactJS for the frontend while my preferred back-end technologies vary between nodeJS/Express, Custom PHP MVC and Laravel. I also co-lead small group of engineers trying to build our own arduino droid.

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