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I am a founder and lead developer at ISolution Technologies. I have developed high performance and user friendly websites by using various popular technologies including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, WordPress, jQuery, Sphinx Search, Laravel and more.
12 PHP
6 JavaScript
5 jQuery
3 Bootstrap
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I have developed complex web application by using jQuery. Whether it's real time web app or simple I got my hands dirty on all stuff.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 12 years experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
I am working on PHP since 2004. I have mixed flavor of PHP experience i.e. I used bare PHP for website development and I have also used PHP frameworks i.e. Laravel, CakePHP, FatFreeFramework and more!
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
I have developed complex web application by using jQuery. Whether it's real time web app or simple I got my hands dirty on all stuff.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
I have experience in designing complex MySQL databases. I also have experience in tuning slow queries.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 4 years experience
I have developed complete analytics solution for sooperarticles.com in MongoDB.
Wordpress WordPress - 4 years experience
I have converted WordPress themes and developed WordPress plugins. I have extensive experience in customizing WordPress themes.
No icon Html - 12 years experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
No icon HTML5 - 3 years experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
No icon Twitter bootstrap - 3 years experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
No icon Asp classic - 4 years experience
I developed over 30+ websites in classic ASP. I left ASP in 2006 and never looked back again.
No icon Laravel - 1 year experience
I am currently working on two open source laravel projects. I am hoping to finish one project by the end of this year.
No icon Twitter api - 3 years experience
I have built various twitter apis for my clients and myself. I have worked on various twitter api tasks i.e. managing twitter account, sending auto tweets, sending DM to followers and more.
No icon Salesforce - 1 year experience
Created leads and contacts using Salesforce api.
No icon Bootstrap - 3 years experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
No icon Bootstrap3 - 1 year experience
I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
No icon Zapier - 1 year experience
I have connected several APIs by using Zapier.
No icon Sphinx search - 4 years experience
For making high performance search websites I use Sphinxsearch.com. I have integrated sphinx search in almost all of my projects because it's fast and easy to scale.
No icon Algolia - 1 year experience
Integrated Algolia search in various PHP projects.
No icon Active campaign - 1 year experience
Integrated active campaign API into few web applications
Average Rating
(252 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Didn't give up, found the problem
Larry Shiller Sep 20, 2016

Problem solved. Nuff' said.
Alan Millar Aug 09, 2016

Moazam not only helped me in my Homework assignment, but was also gave me great resources to further my understanding! Cannot recommend him enough
Michael Hernandez Jul 11, 2016

Very responsive and helpful!
Ben Willauer Jun 28, 2016

Great mentor. Very Knowledgable
Randy Jun 21, 2016

Moazam's WordPress and PHP/MySQL skills are top notch. I'll definitely use him again.
David Ewers Jun 15, 2016

Works until problems are fixed - always impressed with WordPress knowledge (all facets).
Sean Jun 14, 2016

A computer genius!
Sean Jun 14, 2016

Extremely talented and extremely helpful. Always works hard. 10/10!
Sean Jun 13, 2016

Moazam is quick to find what is causing the problem, and also very quick to find a solution. Uses wide breadth of knowledge and experience to solve development issues - a great mentor!
Sean Jun 12, 2016

He's very knowledgeable, patient and very good at explaining all types of concepts.
Josue Rojas Jun 08, 2016

Extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and helpful. Would recommend for any development project.
Sean Jun 05, 2016

Moazam is very knowledgeable about all things web design. Language knowledge but also Content Management Systems and IDEs. Very patient and helpful, a great mentor!
Sean Jun 04, 2016

First rate knowledge, really helpful and highly recommended.
Paul Knight Jun 02, 2016

Moazam seriously helped me tremendously. He was able to find my issues and explain them very well!
maya May 31, 2016

Thank, Mozam for helping me get going in the right direction with this complicated project.
mikiah May 31, 2016

Moazam iwas extremely helpful. He was not guessing while going through my code. He was fast, effective, discreet, and even gave me some good pointers on how to refactor code.
Alejandro May 31, 2016

he helped me realize what i could and could not do!
Spencer May 31, 2016

Moazam was awesome! He went out of his way to become available and not only corrected where my code was completely off, but helped to figure out how to get an external api to work correctly. In addition, in true teaching style, he provided me with some homework so I could get my project completed. I recommend Moazam if you need some help with PHP and laravel.
Ritchie May 20, 2016

Another great session with Moazam. Very talented and easy to work with. Solutions + explanations. 10/10!
Sean May 20, 2016

Awesome job as always. Helped me rewrite some php code and then helped me understand the why- which is why I always work with him given the chance.
mikiah May 18, 2016

Amazing session again. Moazam is very patient and explains everything. I'm glad to be in contact with him.
Burak Öztürk May 18, 2016

Very helpful as always :)
David Berkwits May 15, 2016

Unbelievably helpful and efficient. Don't even second guess hiring this guy. I'm thrilled.
Jessica Vergottini May 12, 2016

Very helpful. Solved my problem immediately.
Tom Rose May 11, 2016

Helped me a bunch! Helped me grasp the understanding of the topics.
Sarah Benson May 11, 2016

Was great! Helped me out a bunch and helped me understand concepts!
Sarah Benson May 11, 2016

Excellent support on my WordPress website. Moazam could provide clear explanation and solve my issue at the same time AAA!
Matthieu Speeckaert May 10, 2016

Second time using this tutor - he is great.
Martin Grasser May 07, 2016

Moazam is simply the best. Very quick to understand the details and overall goals of the project. Patient and works through the issues with calm efficiency, Moazam is obviously an expert in many web skill-sets.
Andy Abelow May 07, 2016

Thanks again Moazam!
Andy Abelow May 06, 2016

Amazing! Super patient and goes through everything with you. Definitely recommend
Claudia Aguirre May 04, 2016

Moazam was a great help - he was extremely patient with me and in explaining how everything worked. Additionally, he was quick to fix other issues and offer additional help with recommendation on how to make the overall system better.
Michael Giesen May 03, 2016

Moazam solved the issues I was having with JavaScript/jQuery on my website. I would work with him again in the future!
Josh Kneeland May 02, 2016

Moazam was great! He was very clear with his communication and went above and beyond the call of duty. In the event I have another issue regarding backend issues, I'll be sure to reach out to him. Thanks again Moazam.
Ivan Davis Apr 30, 2016

Moazam is the best! I would definitely recommend him as a mentor and I look forward to hiring him again. Thanks Moazam, you're a genius!
David Apr 30, 2016

Always incredibly helpful and thoughtful with front-end bugs and guidance!
Luis M. Apr 27, 2016

Great help!!! Will hire again
Michael Cohen Apr 19, 2016

Simply amazing teacher!!
Matt Apr 17, 2016

Moazim just "gets it". He's a deeply expert in programming in general and understands all the principles needed to solve problems. Even though he didn't have lots of experience with Node.js he easily understood what was going on and has easily helped me solve my problems on 2 different ocassions.
Tony Jacobson Apr 13, 2016

Maurice Lopez Apr 13, 2016

Really helpful and knowledgeable again. Great work.
Paul Knight Apr 11, 2016

The man was amazing! I was really struggling and he was a rockstar!
Andrew Hunter Apr 10, 2016

fast and accurate. Thank you!
Mike Fullman Apr 09, 2016

Gives all the advices needed to solve problems quickly :)
Eidern Apr 07, 2016

Fantastic job helping me, he was able to describe everything in great detail and solve every problem I had. A++
George Lucas Apr 07, 2016

Moazam helped me to troubleshoot through a couple of jQuery issues that I had been stuck on for a while and has saved me countless hours of being stuck. He is able to spot errors and bugs on the spot without wasting time. I have learned a lot about my own project and how to make it more functional as a result. I would highly recommend him as a mentor.
Juliette Tworsey Apr 04, 2016

Great service, Got straight to the issue. Thanks!
Jose Morel Apr 04, 2016

Great job. He took something I was trying to make too complicated and simplified it. Exactly what I needed!
mikiah Apr 04, 2016

Everything great.
Benjamin Thomsen Apr 04, 2016

Very patient and helpful person!
Tanoja Sunkam Apr 03, 2016

Again, issue solved very easily. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to future sessions! =)
Burak Öztürk Apr 03, 2016

I just started out with Laravel and became stuck after one day Mozam helped me out immensely!
Daniel Apr 01, 2016

Excellent work, diligent until project was complete, thanks M!
Jimmy Mercer Mar 30, 2016

Moazam helped me solve a vexing issue that I had been trying to resolve for three days. Extremely helpful and patient. I will undoubtedly call on him again.
Mark Long Mar 30, 2016

Very knowledgable and fast! JavaScript expert!
Nicole Mar 30, 2016

Great mentor, very patiente and fast solving my problem, very good professional and for sure will be one of many sessions ill ask for. Thanks a lot Moazam
Mauro Bonucci Mar 28, 2016

What a great session! Moazam is extremely knowledgeable and fast. I had been working with a mentor for over an hour on my issue - and that mentor was not able to fix the issue. Moazam not only fixed the problem - he also helped me set up a better dev environment. I will definitely be calling him again for any future questions!
Valentina Mar 26, 2016

Super fast and knowledgable, favorite mentor on this whole site!
Devin Flynn Mar 25, 2016

Moazam was very helpful and genuine professional who had my best interest at heart. Highly recommend Moazam's php, wordpress and training skills.
Gabriel Mar 25, 2016

Just stellar
N K Mar 24, 2016

I thought Moazam was excellent. Very impressed. Would definitely use again.
Paul Knight Mar 23, 2016

Great guy, certainly knows what he's doing - he was very quick in resolving the problem. Thank you very much!
matt Mar 22, 2016

He's 2 for 2! Gave great advice as well as solved my problem.
Clint Evans Mar 21, 2016

David Berkwits Mar 19, 2016

Easy to work with, goes above and beyond to find solutions. Very knowledgeable and skilled.
Sean Mar 19, 2016

Smart & able to analyze my problems quickly. Moazam will be contacted again once a problem arises.
Clint Evans Mar 18, 2016

Fantastic! Solved my WooCommerce function issue very quickly.
Rob Butz Mar 10, 2016

Easy to work with, knowledgeable, fast worker. Excellent instructor!
Sean Mar 08, 2016

Moazam helped live and sent over a video when I wasn't online for an explanation after a previous session. Very helpful again!
Ben Ricker Mar 07, 2016

Very savvy. Great problem solving skills.
Tony Jacobson Mar 07, 2016

Very knowledgable and able to figure things out quickly.
Tony Jacobson Mar 06, 2016

Awesome as always =)
Burak Öztürk Mar 06, 2016

Moazam was very helpful in explaining what's causing the issue, showing how to diagnose it, and making sure the problem was solved! Looking forward to working with him again.
Ben Ricker Mar 06, 2016

Very good mentor, very clear of explanation of problems and solutions. Moved at a good pace and answered any questions I had. Would definitely ask this mentor for help in the future! Thanks! :)
Nathan Leadbitter Mar 04, 2016

Great - very patient and quick
Edward Chyau Mar 03, 2016

Moazam was excellent and helped guide me through my issue until it was completely solved :)
David Berkwits Mar 03, 2016

Moazam is the man--he worked tirelessly with me until we solved my issue. He's very patient and very capable, I highly recommend using him! Thanks again
Johnny Perkins Mar 02, 2016

Not only did he help me with what turned out to be big task, but he was pausing to explain things along the way. Well done!
mikiah Mar 01, 2016

Moazam is awesome and fair! If your computer screen starts freezing, he will professionally pause your session so you don't get charged for technical difficulties. He is also a hard worker and will test his code on different screen resolutions to make sure your code is responsive. I highly recommend Moazam. His availability is great too!
Alicia Feb 29, 2016

Moazam was extremely helpful. He made sure he understood my concern, he was very fair with when to start, pause and end the session and he went above and beyond what I asked for! Really recommend him as a mentor!! I am very grateful he replied to my request!!
megan Feb 28, 2016

Super helpful and patiently walked me through where the issue was.
Scott Feb 27, 2016

Excellent support and friendly- fixed my problem quickly and was helpful along the way.
Bryan Feb 26, 2016

Great guy!!
casper Feb 24, 2016

Really is an excellent mentor. Highly recommend.
N K Feb 20, 2016

Great mentor. Very patient and always explains concepts well.
N K Feb 19, 2016

Great work! I appreciate you helping me out last minute and finishing the job quick, and giving me a deal on your normal hourly. You saved me! Thank you very much!
Annalee Feb 19, 2016

This guy knows his stuff, very good and very good at showing me some tips. Great Job.
Sophek Feb 19, 2016

He quickly handled my issue and explained every step. If you need help he is your guy =)
Burak Öztürk Feb 17, 2016

Helped me see from a different perspective that I didn't see.
Daniel Feb 17, 2016

Definitely use Moazam for coding help!
Devin Flynn Feb 13, 2016

Great service. Definitely hiring again!
David Head Feb 11, 2016

Great support as always
Adam Feb 08, 2016

This dude is calm, composed, humorous, friendly, and a coding machine! He helped me with several issues efficiently, and I will be using him again.
Tyler Feb 08, 2016

Very quick to assist, and solved the problem, thank you!
Adam Feb 07, 2016

Absolutely amazing work. Moazam went above and beyond what I would expect from a code mentor. I don't plan to work with anybody else, that's how impressed I was.
Adam Feb 07, 2016

He's the best
Devin Flynn Feb 06, 2016

Moazam is quick - clear and honest. I enjoyed his work and educational tips. A great hire!
Ben Willauer Feb 05, 2016

I was extremely happy with the work done and the speed by which it was done. thanks again!
Ben Willauer Feb 05, 2016

Phyllis Bennett Feb 03, 2016

Moazam is awesome! He's very knowledgeable and efficient to tackle code issues quickly. He communicates really well.
Alicia Feb 02, 2016

Phyllis Bennett Feb 01, 2016

Completed quickly and professionally. Code standards are top quality (I am a programmer as well). Done on budget before the deadline. Second time I worked with him. Will work again in the future.
Jesse Richard Feb 01, 2016

Waw, this man is genius , he just took few minutes to solve my problem which I spent moths to figure it out but not successful. I recommend him to others to consult.

Thanks again for another great session.
Alan Millar Jan 28, 2016

Moazam is an expert programmer and mentor with a lot of care and patience. He fulfills each request so that you come away with a good understanding of the solution so that you can do it yourself next time around.
Alan Millar Jan 28, 2016

Great work helping out with the error i had. spent the time to explain and was able to fix the problem correctly.
David Vais Jan 27, 2016

Moazam was very helpful and also quite patient with me. His gift is not only his programming skills but also his ability to explain the concepts that were used to fix the problem.
Alan Millar Jan 24, 2016

Great help, fast and accurate.
ben Jan 24, 2016

He was very helpful - I definitely recommend!
Kenny Smithnanic Jan 24, 2016

Moazam was awesome. He completed my job on time and with great results even though the scope of the work was more than he originally anticipated and some of the technologies were outside of his expertise.
Luke Hargrove Jan 21, 2016

He looked at my code, saw the problem and fixed it fast. Wow.
Kester Browne Jan 21, 2016

He is very helpful
Phyllis Bennett Jan 21, 2016

very helpful
Jonathan Weizman Jan 18, 2016

Got my up and running and help fixed my issue. Thanks, Great Job!
Sophek Jan 16, 2016

Moazam was very helpful for the second time this week. His approach is methodical and he is very proficient at HTML, CSS, and WP. He's easy and pleasant to work with.
Matthew Jan 15, 2016

Very well spoken and knowledgable of his craft. Definitely will be consulting again in the future.
Paul Jan 15, 2016

great sat with me on all the page problems resolved them all
David Vais Jan 13, 2016

David Vais Jan 13, 2016

Moazam was great, went above and beyond, working the weekend to help us get our website updates before the up coming week. Will definitely be using him in the future for any new work I have.
Jonathan Jan 10, 2016

My question was answered and the issue resolved in the first couple of minutes and I learned something.
Matthew Jan 10, 2016

Great to work with, and went to great lengths to solve my problem.
Stephen Young Jan 06, 2016

Good communication and skill. I'm a developer that was having one small issue and he was able to fix in a quick and concise manner.
Jesse Richard Jan 06, 2016

He was very helpful and patient
Romel Augustin Jan 05, 2016

Moazam is a true problem solver - willing to dive into the details & not give up. He was respectful of our time & cost so that the issue was fixed as quickly as possible.
Jenn Eakin Jan 03, 2016

Very thoughtful and high level of skill. Highly recommended.
Tiffany Sumuel Jan 02, 2016

Did the job efficiently. Was communicative and got the desired result in a sufficient time.
Hanaah Jan 02, 2016

He is one of the best believe me!
Romel Augustin Jan 01, 2016

Wow! One of the best coders that I have worked with. I will be hiring again!
Vince Smith Dec 31, 2015

The service was of quality and my mentor was very good at what he does well done great job!
Romel Augustin Dec 30, 2015

He took the time to fully understand what I needed and came up with a quick solution. He was even able to refine issues with Safari after I asked him to be as pixel perfect as possible. Definitely recommended for CSS and HTML issues.
James Dec 27, 2015

Great help and fast!
Blake Richardson Dec 23, 2015

Moazam provides wonderful instruction and shows how to streamline your workflow so that you're not wasting any time with your clients. Highly recommended!
Todd Squitieri Dec 22, 2015

Moazam pointed me to good documentation/example to exactly solve my issue.
Stewart Dec 21, 2015

Excellent job very helpful !
Andy Dec 16, 2015

Quick, efficient, and helped me learn everything I hoped to...
Luis M. Dec 16, 2015

Smart and helpful coder. Will use again.
ryan Dec 15, 2015

Very patient and considerate. Gave above and beyond the call of duty during the call!
Todd Squitieri Dec 13, 2015

Very good and very knowledgable
Jeff Liu Dec 08, 2015

Awesome, did everything I needed and then some.
Cameron Dec 06, 2015

Excellent helper
Simon Gentner Dec 04, 2015

Helpful reliable and friendly.
ini Nov 30, 2015

Excellent work, we got everything working properly, and then some.
Cameron Nov 22, 2015

As always, awesome!
James Doyle Nov 20, 2015

A state-of-art coding! Great pro and nice person!
Tommaso Piccarreda Nov 05, 2015

So helpful!! Job well done. :D
Jade Nov 03, 2015

Moazam so awesome. He really patient person. And explain straight what I need to do. I really recommended him for all.
Catur Prayogo Nov 02, 2015

Moazam knows his stuff! He's also very pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him.
Justin Oct 27, 2015

Moazam is brilliant. He is very experienced, easy to communicate with and reliable! I will use his services again in the very near future.
Ginger Mudd Oct 27, 2015

Excellent. Very helpful, and was sure to make his job as fast and efficient as possible. 10/10, would recommend.
Cameron Oct 25, 2015

Patient and knowledgeable :)
Jose Sanchez Oct 21, 2015

Fantastic to work with. Communicated clearly, wanted to help me learn, and got the job done in a timely manner.
Mike Oct 19, 2015

Helpful, patient, and positive. Learned new things I had never heard of before.
Sean Oct 17, 2015

Moazam was a big help untangling my code.
Jacob Sherman Jan 15, 2015

very helpful and patient
Jacob Sherman Jan 15, 2015

Very patient, knowledgeable, and all around easy to work with. Would recommend!
Graydon Jan 13, 2015

He helped me with a lot of issues at the same time preventing me from pulling all my hair out!
Jacob Sherman Jan 05, 2015

Moazam was very knowledge of both frontend and backend technologies and helped me it both areas at the same time. He also showed me some options I never even heard of before.
Jacob Sherman Jan 04, 2015

Highly knowledgeable
Dominic Lane Nov 18, 2014

Knows what he's doing. Very fast
Dominic Lane Nov 18, 2014

Brilliant! Smart! Friendly and a good communicator. He solved my problem very quickly! Very happy.
Geoffrey Kwitko Nov 01, 2014