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Michael Mayernick

Michael Mayernick

Friendly, patient coach for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, Data Science, and Big Data. Technical co-founder of VC backed big data startup.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Hey all - I've been developing web applications for 12 years and love teaching, whether it is your first time, you're looking to pick up a new skill, or keep up on the latest technologies. I'm happy to advise also on the best courses to take, how to establish your career, what technologies to learn next, and how to get your first application or company started.
25 Ruby on Rails
16 JavaScript
11 CSS
9 jQuery
7 Ruby
4 Node.js
4 Html
Ruby expert help Ruby - 10 years experience
Ruby was my first love - the syntax is beautiful, the community is enormous, and the frameworks, whether building a big application in Rails or a simple blog in Jekyll, will get you up in running in no time. I've quickly build Ruby websites to prototype ideas and supported huge, enterprise grade, high availability, secure, distributed web applications, including various deployment mechanisms, from Heroku to AWS, Google Cloud, and Docker with Kubernetes.
Go expert help Go - 2 years experience
I've had extensive experience with Go in high performance, big data applications, building real time streaming streaming analytics, machine learning, statistical analysis, API services, crawlers, and web applications. I love working with Go - it compiles quickly, offers a powerful currency model, and has great community support.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 12 years experience
I've used JavaScript for years, both on the backend and front end, from simple jQuery DOM manipulations to building custom objects and widgets, to constructing single page web applications.
Wordpress WordPress - 10 years experience
WordPress has always been the best way to build beautiful, maintainable blogs and content websites. I've used WordPress for everything from corporate blogs to community hubs, supporting custom themes and plugin development.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 12 years experience
Extensive experience with HTML and CSS, including responsive designs and design frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc).
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 10 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 10 years experience
Var.to-Base 8   1
Example Sinatra link shortening application with Twitter based OAuth user authentication
jquery-render-preview 6   0
jQuery Render Preview is a plugin that displays a sanatized, HTML formatted, live preview of the contents of a textarea
angellist-api 1   0
Ruby wrapper for the Angellist API
Ruby JavaScript
flow 0   0
The RubyFlow/CappuccinoFlow codebase upgraded to Rails 3.1
CSS HTML Ruby ApacheConf JavaScript CoffeeScript
oracle-enhanced 0   0
Oracle enhaced adapter for ActiveRecord
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Awesome mentor!
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quick and to the point - knowledgable guy
Mick Nov 03, 2016

One of the best Senior level developers I've encountered.
Brian Wilkinson Nov 02, 2016

Amazing work. I gave him a very challenging scenario with little time to run through and he was super efficient. Definitely a top mentor on CM. Worth every penny.
Adam Grant Oct 30, 2016

Michael did a good job :-) Thank you.
Daniel Oct 27, 2016

Michael is the guy that headed straight to my issue and solved my problem! Thank you, Micheal!
Jane Oct 12, 2016

Gabe Odess Oct 12, 2016

Very knowledgeable. Patient. And, best of all, solved my gnarly CSS problem, something complicated enough that I never would have figured it out myself.
Ted Pearlman Oct 03, 2016

He helped me quickly and was very nice !
Dimitri Boukobza Sep 25, 2016

He is very good at what he does, he made me understand GIT easily.
Steve Sagert Sep 24, 2016

I recommend him to solve all your coding problems
Steve Sagert Sep 24, 2016

Michael is excellent! Besides being very approachable, he's incredible knowledgeable. Best of all, not only did he help solve my problems, he taught me and help me understand new things.
Lee Johnson Sep 20, 2016

Awesome, very fast solution!!!
Enrique Salceda Sep 19, 2016

helpful and patient
Jake Tunney Sep 17, 2016

Very patient and efficient. Helped to break challenge down and create actionable steps to move forward with on my own.
Kelsey Byers Sep 17, 2016

Michael was super helpful. Highly recommended.
Gonzalo Sep 15, 2016

Michael was very knowledgeable about a topic I was unsure of, so he saved me a ton of time on my minor feature request!
Patrick Campbell Sep 14, 2016

Michael was very friendly, communicated well, and helped walk me through the logic of what needed to be done. Didn't try to stretch out call time for extra minutes, worked quickly and effectively, look forward to working with him again in the future!
Dave Mackey Sep 13, 2016

This guy knows what he's doing. He's an expert!
Evan Witt Sep 12, 2016

Great mentor! 5 stars
Daniel Sep 11, 2016

AMAZING!!! Super smart and patient and incredibly quick to grasp the situation. Can't wait to work with him again!!!
Amanda Aug 06, 2016

He is a lighthouse for anyone who gonna sail into Node.js ocean.
Sang Dang Aug 03, 2016

Michael was able to immediately spot my problem & helped me work through my issues quickly...definitely knows his stuff.
ben barton Jul 10, 2016

Michael is highly skilled and also a clear thinker who relays his knowledge well. Recommended.
Dylan Gadwa Jul 09, 2016

Thank you very much for your help, it was fast, informative, and educational. I appreciate your help, and your service, and I know exactly where and whom to go to for help. Thank you for answering quickly and explaining in detail. I hope to work with you again in the future!
roleplaysaga Jul 06, 2016

Michael did an awesome job explaining how to properly segment and organize my javascript code in my rails application. He jumped right in and showed me some best practices that gave me some real "ah ha" moments.
John Dinker Jul 04, 2016

Michael was very helpful in helping me fix bugs. Highly recommended.
Tim McNamars Jul 02, 2016

Michael is awesome and super knowledgable. He explains concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.
Jamil Brown Jul 01, 2016

Fantastic work. Explains the whole process and has great ideas on solutions!
Miguel Facusse Jun 30, 2016

We struggled with a javascript / css embed issue for hours. Unless we solved this problem, we wouldn't be able to launch our product. Customers were getting frustrated . Team was tired of spinning its wheels. You get the idea. We were so fed up with trying to fix the problem that we logged onto CodeMentor, found Michael, and asked him to skip the mentorship part and please just fix this problem for us. Michael had the code working in under an hour. Oh, and then he took the time to explain everything. Hire this guy. He's a game changer.
Rudy Nelson Jun 30, 2016

Was very patient and helpful as well as determined to help me solve a sql issue.
Max Jun 29, 2016

Extremely knowledgable. Was able to jump straight into a functioning program and make design suggestions. Highly recommend.
antoine Jun 28, 2016

Michael is awesome, such a great help. He really knows his RoR!
Jay Jun 26, 2016

He is a great mentor. I learned a great deal from this guy. He knows his stuff very well.
Jade Jun 25, 2016

Really informative, walks you through how best to debug a problem and is very patient when explaining the higher-level concepts involved.
Matt B Jun 24, 2016

good help and conscious of timing - now i have working knowledge to finish up my task
Elisa Jun 24, 2016

Super helpful. We went over a few different ways to solve my problem and helped me better understand how to move forward. Great call.
Dan Esposito Jun 23, 2016

thank you for your help, will call back with more info
leslie Jun 23, 2016

Resolved my issue quickly... highly recommend!!
Wadson Jun 22, 2016

Really proactive, good listener and got straight to answer that worked instantly. Everything you want in a mentor :-)
Adam Bonnifield Jun 21, 2016

He knows his stuff.
Kester Browne Jun 20, 2016